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A Superlataive Day: Unlikely Treasures and Kim Brackett

It turned out to be a superlative day. And I’ve just got to tell someone about it.

Not just good.

Not just gooooood.


The move-in ToDo list was getting checked off. I had long since taken care of #1. Unpack boxes. And I had moved through #11. Set up utilities. #15. Find new doctor. #24. Change mailing address on 5,436 accounts (Of course that’s a slight exaggeration but you get my drift.) FINALLY, today I had worked my way down to the reward for checking off all of the previous achievements.

#357. Visit new quilt guild.


My new friend, Neville Peterson (a Keepsake Quilts contest winner), took me as a guest to Pensacola Quilting Guild. And, in keeping with the superlative nature of the day, they were having their garage sale after the business meeting – which was very smoothly run, I might add. I joined the guild, signed up for a class,  bought some treasures: two big, antique wooden bobbins, some always-valuable muslin and osnaburg linen, and some wonderful grey fabric.

(The bobbins are destined to become lamps in our Sisters booth at southern quilt shows. You’ll see they grey in the Wedding Wishes collection which we will unveil in just a couple of weeks.)

This really was unfolding as a superlative day!

Thoughtful, gracious Neville had been telling me that her favorite place to buy fabric was at a hardware store. (I know, I doubted her, too. But, she knows way more about quilting than I do by a long shot.) And when she stopped on our way home to show me the A&E Hardware/Pharmacy/Fabric Store, it was clear that she had not overstated.

Kind of like a general store, only better. This place is an uncommon, unlikely treasure in an unexpected place.

See what I mean about superlative day? And there’s more.

In addition to the wide variety of fabric and buttons and trims and tools, at the back of the shop I found Nancy Troyer’s custom machine quilting studio! Just the resource I need when the ideas arrive faster than my production level. Her work is wondrous and she is Miss Congeniality.


But the superlative-ness kept coming. Nancy introduced me to fellow shopper and quilt designer, Kim Brackett.

She lives just down the road a bit and blogs at Magnolia Bay Quilts. You can meet her at her blog here. You can find her wonderful books here. Kim is creative, friendly, and welcoming. Hope our paths cross again soon!

Truly this is the stuff superlative days are made of!

In a new place where much is unfamiliar, it is so good to find myself in places that are so sweetly, freshly familiar. And it is nothing less than superlative to have time with Stitching Sisters who offer such a warm welcome.

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