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Thanks for the Memories

CO Sister id tagOver and over I hear the best way to be happy is to be thankful.  Let’s just say I’m very happy this month as we take a specific look at what we are thankful for.  Sisters are VERY near the top.  Fabric is in the first paragraph.  And those two things brought me back to one of our first pattern lines that is still a best seller.  The Thank You, God series brings back so many memories.

We were learning to write (and read) each others directions like in the Pilgrim apron pattern, which I still tie on wrong.

final TG apron photo for printing

Can you see the back in the mirror?

We were learning to “blend” our color choices and terms, like in the bread wrap pattern. What did you really mean as reddish-brown?  Which green is leaf green?  Yellow or Gold?

TG bread wrap

Love that this idea is double sided.

We were learning to photograph, like on the table runner.  How many times did we go to this table and still not have any food there?!  Ok, so we are still learning this one, but we are quilters not photographers.

TG table runner

Thankfully, this is not the photo we ended up using!

We were learning to use our computers & technology, like posting these table mats to our etsy store.

TG place mat

Almost too cute to use.

We were learning how to do two for one sizes, like the casserole carrier, and get both in the same pattern (later this was the concept for our topsy-turvey patterns that have two in one from the Linens and Old Lace collection).

TG casserole carrier

Both 9 x 13 and 8 x 8

We were learning which ideas to keep, like enlarging the figure for a papoose cuddle quilt, and which ideas to let go, like making a whole pilgrim village!

papoose1 for FB

Cuddle up cozy in flannel.

So, sister, not just this month but all year long.  Thanks for the memories that we have and those that we are making during this business process and life in general.

What quilting memories are you thankful for?

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Plan Ahead!

CO Sister id tag

The best intentions pave the way to …  well in my case they lead to panic!  I know I’m not the only one who does it (because even my sister does).  I’m not alone in my procrastination.  They even make a sign to tell you to plan ahead.  It didn’t really print so well but gets the idea across.  I’m putting away the unfinished 4th of July project (until June of 2017) and I AM planning ahead for fall.  Maybe because it reminds me of cooler temps!

tempI got out fabrics for the whole color palette and just feel cooler touching fabric of the yellow-orange-gold to brown color family.  OK, so they really aren’t in the same color family but it all says fall to me.  If you are looking for inspiration to begin  a project, check out our Etsy store here.  I’m going to start with the smaller items first (casserole cover and bread wrap) and work toward dressing up the table.

TG bread wrap

Don’t you love those pilgrim figures?  They are the cutest!  I just wanna put on that hat and buckles on my shoes.  Guess I’ll settle for the apron.  I’m not sure I’m ready for the whole primitive life style thing.  final TG apron photo for printing

If I’m ready and the bread is ready to eat, let’s take a look at the table.  The cutest combo would be a runner in the middle and mats along the edge.  Oh wait, we have that too.TG table runner

TG place mat

The thermometer isn’t going the direction I recommend yet but I’m feeling “thankful” that it is coming soon and I’ll be better prepared.  Besides I heard that this heat wave should be treated like a blizzard.  You just bury yourself in the sewing room and don’t come out.  While you’re in there, you might want to start on a wool project that won’t make you overheat-like this fall runner.  Use those vintage orphan blocks or make a new one on your own.  Blooming Fall runner for printing

Last but not least, if you only have a moment between swim lessons and mowing, then check out the free coaster pattern under the brag book tab in our PS Projects.  Happy Fall, Ya’ll.


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Mug Mat & Place card: PS Project TYG

Just in time to find your place at the table & put your mug on the mat!  This additional project is for the Thank You, God for Everything collection.

Click here to get started with your FREE download: PS Patterns-TYG Mug mats instructions

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Orphan Blocks and Happy Endings

FL Sister id tag

What to do with those random blocks? The practice block you made before cutting into the good fabric, the one created when you tried a new technique and said “Never again!” or the one left over after a block exchange. You know, the orphan blocks which are all alone in the cold, cruel world with no place to call their own.

Is there a happier ending to the story than putting them on the Free table at quilt guild?


That’s what the Orphan Block Trunk Show is all about — ideas for rescuing the Orphan Blocks in your life!

First the trunk show offers some hot tips for organizing the blocks that tend to accumulate and then, moving from least complicated to most time consuming, we share project examples for using them: 

tulip sm for web

on a canvas,

basket stamp smfor a centerpiece or pillow sham,

MM Picnic Basket Lidor a picnic basket lid,

web-dec-wrapor a pillow wrap,

TG place mator a placemat,

TG casserole carrieror a casserole holder, and even a journal cover.

 Next we try to inspire quilters to use these treasures for Hot Pot holders

Freedom mitt singleor oven mitts (there’s a FREE pattern in our blog Brag Book),

Freedom Yard Flagor a yard flag like this one.

Mother's spool on wall

Maybe you’ll decide to use several of them to hold sewing tools like this.

MM Pansy Apron smOf course, they could always be used as a bib for an apron,

idea board for blogor on an idea board.

The Orphan Block trunk show ends with other ideas and grand finale give-aways. Some guilds choose to follow up the trunk show with a sewing party to put the ideas into use. (This Florida sister will host an Orphan Block Party at her house on April 26 for the Pensacola Quilters Guild.)

We love happy endings and we’d love to see photos of ways you put your orphan blocks to work, I mean, ways you give your orphan blocks a good life. If you’d like to have a Sisters At Heart, Miles Apart trunk show at your guild or class, contact us at

PS – We found other ideas on some of our favorite quilting blogs, too. Check them out and let them know that you heard about them from Sisters at Heart, Miles Apart.

Patchwork Posse’s 52 UFO Quilt Block Pick Up:

a sunglass case

a key fob and card pouch

and a mug rug.

And #11 at ShopMartingale was an arm rest storage pocket.

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Love the old … and loving the new …

It’s pretty easy to tell that we like vintage things – classic things – okay, we like old things:

old scissors

old scissors,

old machine

and old machines


and old spools

old buttons

and old buttons

old pattern

and, yes, even old patterns.

But we know that there are advantages to new things, too. Advantages to being in the current century.

So we are launching our patterns in a new format – PDF downloadable patterns.

available as PDF tag

We’ve talked about it for quite a while and agreed about it and thought about the process and now the concept is becoming reality. The idea behind making our patterns available in PDF form, as well as in paper, is that it would give you quicker access to the patterns and allow you to skip the shipping charges.

Now, after a few extra hours at the computer, we are ready to launch our first PDF collection –

Thank you, God, for Everything.

TG folks

Seems appropriate for a lot of reasons.

This first PDF collection includes the patterns for:

final TG apron photo for printing

Pilgrim Apron

TG bread wrap

Bread Wrap

TG casserole carrier

Casserole Carrier

TG place mat

Place Mats and Napkins

TG table runner

and the Table Runner.

papoose1 for printing

Oh, wait! I almost forgot — the Papoose Cuddle Quilt is available, too.

This collection features three of our Really Big Hat folks and a timeless poem:

(Yes, we love old poetry, too.)

Thank you for the world so sweet

Thank you for the food we eat

Thank you for the birds that sing

Thank you, God, for everything!

You can get these PDF patterns for your very own HERE on our etsy store.

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Sisters We Met – Quilt-A-Fair 2011

From the Florida Sister

We met so many fun sister sets at the Colorado Quilt Council Show a little over a week ago. Some were sisters with genetic ties and some were stitching sisters connected by their love of patterns, thread and all things fabric.

We met sisters who have been sharing stitching fun for 40+ years and we also met sisters who have barely been alive 40+ years.

We met Pennie and Brenda who live in different states.  They frequently meet in the middle (Nebraska) for a couple of days to shop, cut and piece together. We hope the Trading Hearts plan in all of our patterns will give them hours of fun as they stitch together. (By the way, one of them is president of the Quilted Leaf Quilt Guild in Grant, Nebraska. Can you guess which sister knows how to call the meeting to order?)

We want you to meet Ida and Kathy who quilt across the miles between San Diego, California and Colorado. They obviously knew how to have quality quilting time at the Colorado Quilt Council show. Their laughter and delight in each other’s company overflowed from their common family history and their love of stitching.

We heard stories of dividing the work and sharing the fun and THAT is just what Sisters at Heart, Miles Apart is all about!

In fact, in a few days we will post some news about a Miles Apart Quilting Bee that quilt guilds can be part of. So, if you are looking for a way to connect with quilters who are close at Heart, though they live Miles Apart, stay tuned and we will help to make that happen!


Our first quilt show and Sisters At Heart, Miles Apart is launched!

The best way to describe this past weekend would be to combine a family reunion, a temporary move and opening holiday presents. Laughter and fun with both new and familiar friends, a little bit of chaos with lots of boxes and miscellaneous lost-then-found treasures, making lists and checking them twice – that’s what comprised our days at Quilt-A-Fair at the Boulder County Fairgrounds.

We LOVED finally getting to set our booth and samples in place, seeing our concept come to life and watching while others enjoyed the prospect of having their own versions of the Starry Night and the Thank you, God, for Everything collections.

We LOVED having our PostCard Projects front and center, thanks to the antique machine on loan from D&J Country Antiques! (Click on their name to go to their site.)

We LOVED seeing the variety and creativity of fabric projects in all the vendor booths. The quilts patterns and projects we saw covered a wide spectrum of design preferences and mediums using wool, embroidery, traditional blocks, applique, English paper piecing – and even old army blankets.

We LOVED meeting lots of other sisters – some who are connected with the same last name and some who are connected by a love of stitching. Hearing their stories and their shared love of creating together was music to our ears! We will post some pictures to introduce you to some of these stitching sisters in a couple of days.

Our thanks to those who organize the Colorado Quilt Council show every year! This was a wonderful venue to launch our business – where you find stitching to keep you connected even when you are up a creek without a needle saved.

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