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Time Flips: March Calendar

Sister, are you ready for the March calendar? Here’s what I’m thinking – we need to get these patterns posted a week or two BEFORE the month really gets started so that our stitching sisters can have them in place when it’s time to flip to a new calendar page.

Sister?!?! I think she fainted – it was too much of a shock for me to be early on a project.

Here, have a hot cup of tea and let’s celebrate that the Irish pay no attention to what the ground hogs do in February – they bring out the green in March either way!

She’s nodding in agreement, even though she has suffered such a big shock. “I don’t know about anyone else, but I say it’s time to see something green – even if it’s only wool!”


The top ‘o the morning to you!



This one goes so fast. And uses just a few green wool scraps!

Here’s what you need for your March FLIP calendar:

Wool background: 8″ x 6″ cream, shades of green

Embroidery thread: Green and black

Embroidery stitches: blanket stitch and stem stitch


Pattern is available here for FREE for a limited time. The entire collection will be available soon in one pattern on our Etsy store

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Spring Is Here! (Almost)

About this time of year I get a little anxious for some warmer weather.  The snow is brown or gone.  The trees are bare and it won’t change for a couple more weeks/months.


Spring/Winter storm

So I decided to go on a hunt for spring right within my own home.  I didn’t “stage” anything for a photo shoot but just needed some in-the-moment reminders that spring is in the eye of the beholder.  One of the first things I saw as I looked across the room was a plant that Dan and I have had since our wedding (in spite of my black thumb).  I never met a shade of green I didn’t like, especially growing green.


Green AND Growing

Nearby was an arrangement of flowers (silk) that my daughter had done when we re-decorated together one weekend.  She now lives far away and I’m grateful for the “fragrance” and beauty she left behind.


Gone but not forgotten

Last week I had put out the tea set when I put away the Valentine’s decor and just now realized that the tea cozy is such a floral print.  Sister and I share a tea cozies that match.  Wish she was here for a cup of tea right now.


Tea Time (again)

I walked into the bedroom where I saw another colorful, floral treasure from our early marriage days (it was actually part of Dan’s hope chest). The pitcher and bowl set have been in every house we have lived in and it holds many treasured memories, as well as our loose change.


Flowers from our past

Right above the little walnut washstand hangs a picture of roses.  Antique dealers call them yard-longs – guess why.  I think the designer of those frames may have been married to a quilter as “yard-long frames” are an approximate translation/measurement.


yard-long of roses

On the dresser was an embroidered piece of linen with flowers and birds.  It was done by my 84 year old quilting friend many years ago.  She was clear on her instructions about “hiding the knots and quilt in a straight line”.  She also had one of the most prolific flower gardens I know of.


First birds of spring

Across the room is one of my all time favorite prints that hang in our home.  Painted by the turn of the century artist Paul de Longpre, known for his exquisite flower paintings.   You’ve probably noticed a theme in the art work I’ve shown.


Notice the bumble bee?

I found spring is around me all winter long if I chose to find it, as is true of most of the blessings in life.  So I think I’ll forget the gathering clouds outside–


Northern Clouds

–and go sew on a baby gift with BRIGHT fabrics and good music.


Bold and Bright

Hope your spring arrives for real in the very near future.  Happy Hunting.


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Springtime in the Rockies

CO Sister id tag


“When it’s Springtime in the Rockies” is a favorite golden oldie song of my dad’s.  But I’m not sure that the Rockies really have a spring season.  About a month ago my Florida sister sent pictures of the daffodils that were blooming in her area.  Now I finally have one lone tulip blooming in ColoradoTulip-web-2
and IT doesn’t seem to really believe that is is spring anywhere, possibly because it is still snowing.  The day after this tulip photo was taken we woke up to snow again.  We were trying to load for the show in Pueblo amidst the weather challenges of spring.snow-webAfter about 2″ of snow that day, we awoke to 70 degrees less than 48 hours later.  DH says that is his favorite kind of storm.  We also had about a dozen calves join our herd in that crazy climate change.

So we are loaded for the show (I’m taking patterns for the Tulip Trio from the Mother’s Medallion Collection) tulip sm for weband I just bought a bouquet of spring flowers to prove it really is springtime in the Rockies. 

I’m setting them right next to my Spring Window (pattern available HERE). SPRING window Bedited(1)

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Mother’s Medallion pillow: from wrinkled ribbon to pretty posy

FL Sister id tagWhen we began to plan the Mother’s Medallion quilt and the Colorado sister said she wanted to try some ribbon embroidery or some Italian embroidery in the middle medallion, I thought it was a fabulous idea. Especially since it was not going to be me that would be attempting that impressive work of art. (She was truly anticipating the challenge of this new technique.)

So, she read and asked questions and watched others and picked up tips and made the center medallion of her quilt with a BEAUTIFUL bouquet of flowers and stems. (I know you can’t see it very well – it’s a teaser for the time when we unveil the entire quilt.)

Cindy's Medallion - center

I was impressed – once again. At the same time I was really, really glad that I had chosen a lesser challenge. But, being a good sister, she gently encouraged me to venture out – to stretch and grow and expand my stitching horizons.

And so it was, that when we began to plan the monthly (or so) individual projects that would introduce the Medallion quilt one row at a time, somehow the task of doing a pillowcase with a dimensional/ribbon flower bouquet fell into my side of the chart. Now, Cindy began to embroider when she was very young so my version is not even in the same category as what she did on the quilt. It certainly isn’t technically ribbon embroidery in the Helen Gibb kind of way – or the Italian way. It’s more of a Sister version that can be summed up with this little poem:

gather, ruch, fold, or pleat

bead, embroider, be messy, be neat

big stitch, little stitch, go straight, make a curl

bunch it or stretch it, make up your own rule

Here’s my pictorial check list version of the Posy making process:

1 begin here

gather stash of ribbon, fabric, thread and fibers

2 position line art

position the line art on the partially completed pillowcase

3 grograin stitches

Try various stitches on various ribbon – thin grosgrain stitched in a zig-zag line

8 ruched wide grograin ribbon

or thick grosgrain stitched in a zig-zag

7 folded wide grograin

add a really thick ribbon, folded and stitched on the fold, gather slightly

4 knotted ribbon

thin, fine ribbon – knotted and stitched with pearl cotton

4 stitched satin ribbon 1

or stain ribbon stitched with embroidery thread

4 stitched satin ribbon

then pull up the stitching thread to “ruch” the ribbon and twist it a bit

5 pleated double ribbon

put a thin satin ribbon on top of a thicker ribbon, stitch it with a pleating stitch

9 audition placement

Audition the stems. Look at it from lots of angles.

12 hexagon flower

Add dimensional flowers, like this hexagon option

13 square flower

Or this origami-like folded flower

14 a failed effort or a new creation

(I started to call this a failure because it looked so little like the directions but then I decided that I must have invented something VERY special.)

15 ribbon flowers

Figure out that the same steps can produce a stem or a flower; just lay one straight and twist the other.

16 audition fibers and small flowers

Add a wired ribbon bow and sew up the sides in French seams… TaDa!

We are pleased with the end result and invite you to stop by our STORE and get the pattern.

1 Pillowcase Posy sm for web

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Spring Fever!!

CO Sister id tag

With the temperatures moving upward (around mid-50s) the last couple of days, I’m getting it BAD!  I know, I know, I know…it is only March 15th!  Here in Colorado nothing gets planted outside before Mother’s Day and that’s in May.  But I have hope because I saw some green tops pushing up through the ground.  If I didn’t know better I’d think they were daffodils.  Our daffodils usually have brown tips because they were frosted somewhere along the line.

So because I need to bring the fever back to reality, I think I’ll break into some bright, fresh fabric and start on a new pillow wrap for the couch instead of heading to the garden.  Check out the pattern I’ll use from the Seasons at My Window collection.  You’ll see why the three bold words in this blog relate to each other.

So if the seasons don’t change for you or don’t change fast enough here’s the answer to spring fever.  SPRING window Bedited(1)

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