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Stitchin’ Stops along the way: Marietta, GA #2

FL Sister id tagI might as well just say it: Mountain time is never long enough and leaving the Georgia cabin is never easy. But, the chance to explore new quilt shops on the way home eases the transition back into the real world.

This time the path my phone gave me from the interstate to the shop was a little tricky. (Ok, I admit that my navigational skills caused us to back track twice. In the end, we parked in a side street and I called the shop only to find that we were at the wrong side of the right building! )

Don’t know how I missed the sign for Red Hen Fabrics ,

sign  sm

but the extra trip around the block was worth it once I got to the entrance.

Red Hen entrance sm

I was delighted to see how they carried out their chicken theme because of my own kitchen chickens, and also because I belong to a quilting group by this name. on the counter sm

dinner sign sm

painted window sm

  on the fence sm  tools sign sm

Chickens, Chickens everywhere!

But, I was there for fabric and they did not disappoint. I disciplined myself not to linger at the beautiful greens.

greens sm

I only paused briefly at the black and white section.

(This was hard because there is a black, white, and red project on the drawing board as we speak.)

black sm

Most of the time, I was texting pictures of their Civil War reproduction fabrics

civil war fabric  sm

and messaging with the Colorado sister as we plan for a coverlet soon to make an appearance as part of our Mother’s Medallion Collection. And I found just what I needed.

(Wait until you see what Sister2 posts about this Hands All Around project. Beautiful results!)

The added touch in this large shop (with a wonderful open long arm/classroom space) was their collection of small, antique sewing machines.

sewing machines 2 sm

sewing machines 3 sm

sewing machines 1 sm

This is a stop we’ll make again!

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Stitchin’ Stops along the way: Idaho Springs, CO

FL Sister id tagEvery once in a while I just need a dose of the Rockies. So this summer as we drove back to the airport after a family wedding, we took a two-day detour into the mountains.  And, what do you know –  we just “happened to find” quilt shop along the way!

Rockies in the distance  sm

Seeing the Rockies on a near horizon is the epitome of  ANTICIPATION to me.

I can hardly wait for the smell of real pine in the air, the sound of wind through the Aspen trees (i.e.Quakies), crystal clear steams, perhaps a quilt shop …

tunnel sm

I knew we were getting close when we went through a couple of tunnels.

(It’s family tradition to honk the horn at this point.)

Idaho Springs sign sm

When we saw the sign for Idaho Springs, we knew we were close to the B&B and, what do you know …

Quilt Shop Sign sm

a quilt shop just happened to be right down the street – and it was OPEN!

Hen House Quilts sign sm

Those of you who have been in my kitchen know why this name caught my attention.

It was anticipation fulfilled! Bolts of brights and reproduction Civil War and the newest lines. I got some soft, light flannels for kitchen hand towels.

Hen House owner, Linda Feidler sm

Linda Feidler and her 2 silky soft companions shared a warm welcome (One of the little guys was camera shy.) and let us ask lots of questions about what quilters in the Rockies are asking for. We’re planning to chat again at Quilt-A-Fair in Longmont this fall.

Here’s a Hot Tip from the Sisters: If you’re passing close to that part of the west, you’d give yourself a treat by stopping to visit The Hen House in Idaho Spring, CO.

Becky by the stream sm

The Florida Sister says “Happy Summer!” – from Colorado!

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