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Tutorial Tuesday: Food Bowl Covers

Welcome to “Tutorial Tuesdays”

Tutorial Tuesdays headerTake a peek at the first of these FREE patterns with some tips that will make your Tuesday seem like Friday!

Continuing the Red White & Blue theme from your table to the frig(?) is easy with these simple (and freefood bowl covers.  They are adjustable for every size and you can embellish with the words or figures from your Let Freedom Ring patterns.

Tip #1:  Use bias tape to make the casing for the elastic and it will follow the curve easily.

Tip #2: Ric-rac is a quick embellishment that adds texture & color.

Tip #3: One size fits MANY.  Make it larger and it will cover more sizes.

So easy as 1,2,3 get the free pattern from the link above.

bowl-cover-2-webPotato salad never tasted so good…Actually, our family uses the age old “Frog Eye Salad” instead.  Recipe is belowbowl-cover-1-web


On the day before serving, cook the following ingredients together to form a thickened sauce:

1/2 cup sugar

1/4 teaspoon salt

1 Tablespoon flour

3/4 cup pineapple juice (drained & reserved from can)

1 beaten egg

1/2 Tablespoon lemon juice

Cook 8 oz. Acini de pepe (tiny pasta) in 2 quarts boiling water, lightly salted.  Drain & rinse.  Cool slightly and mix with sauce.  Refrigerate overnight.  Add 15 oz. can drained mandarin oranges, 20 oz. can drained, pineapple chunks, 10 oz. drained, crushed pineapple, fresh red grapes, 8 oz cartoon of frozen whipped cream.  Optional: sliced bananas or marshmallows.  Serve cold and store in refrigerator.


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Ferns & Flowers Vase Mat: PS Project MM

Just what you need to add a little more greenery to your fresh flowers and protect your table at the same time!  This additional Post Script project is from the Mother’s Medallion collection is a great flower vase mat.

AND, best of all, a kit is available through email contact which includes:  all fabric, printed freezer paper, tweezers, Martelli non-slip Dresden Plate template, and a pattern for “Mother’s Flower Basket Centerpiece”. (Fabric may vary from the sample shown here.)

ferns and flowers vase mat cropped

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Orphan Blocks and Happy Endings

FL Sister id tag

What to do with those random blocks? The practice block you made before cutting into the good fabric, the one created when you tried a new technique and said “Never again!” or the one left over after a block exchange. You know, the orphan blocks which are all alone in the cold, cruel world with no place to call their own.

Is there a happier ending to the story than putting them on the Free table at quilt guild?


That’s what the Orphan Block Trunk Show is all about — ideas for rescuing the Orphan Blocks in your life!

First the trunk show offers some hot tips for organizing the blocks that tend to accumulate and then, moving from least complicated to most time consuming, we share project examples for using them: 

tulip sm for web

on a canvas,

basket stamp smfor a centerpiece or pillow sham,

MM Picnic Basket Lidor a picnic basket lid,

web-dec-wrapor a pillow wrap,

TG place mator a placemat,

TG casserole carrieror a casserole holder, and even a journal cover.

 Next we try to inspire quilters to use these treasures for Hot Pot holders

Freedom mitt singleor oven mitts (there’s a FREE pattern in our blog Brag Book),

Freedom Yard Flagor a yard flag like this one.

Mother's spool on wall

Maybe you’ll decide to use several of them to hold sewing tools like this.

MM Pansy Apron smOf course, they could always be used as a bib for an apron,

idea board for blogor on an idea board.

The Orphan Block trunk show ends with other ideas and grand finale give-aways. Some guilds choose to follow up the trunk show with a sewing party to put the ideas into use. (This Florida sister will host an Orphan Block Party at her house on April 26 for the Pensacola Quilters Guild.)

We love happy endings and we’d love to see photos of ways you put your orphan blocks to work, I mean, ways you give your orphan blocks a good life. If you’d like to have a Sisters At Heart, Miles Apart trunk show at your guild or class, contact us at

PS – We found other ideas on some of our favorite quilting blogs, too. Check them out and let them know that you heard about them from Sisters at Heart, Miles Apart.

Patchwork Posse’s 52 UFO Quilt Block Pick Up:

a sunglass case

a key fob and card pouch

and a mug rug.

And #11 at ShopMartingale was an arm rest storage pocket.

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Tea Time & English Paper Piecing

FL Sister id tagYou all know how much both my sister and I LOVE an excuse to have a tea party ….

So, since some of the stitching sisters from the Pensacola Guild were coming over for a Quilting at Home workshop on English Paper Piecing,

this was the perfect opportunity to bring out the tea pot,

 tea cart waiting cropped

make some little sandwiches,

tea time treats 2

bake some scones and raspberry tarts and add the clotted cream and lemon curd for good measure!

Okay, I confess, all that baking happened at the Fresh Market bakery. But, I did slice the cucumbers.

tea time treats

Fortified with a “proper” cup of tea, we were ready to tackle the project of the afternoon

vase cropped 2

 – Ferns & Flowers, a new *PS Project from the Mother’s Medallion Collection which we use for workshops & demos.

This vase mat uses the Dresden Plate template and can be done in an afternoon.

As is our Sisters tradition, we did a little bit of fabric trading – after the informational demo.

guild stitchers

And then the stitching began.

Some stitched slow and some stitched fast

(which is tricky when you are connecting two pieces side-to-side with a whip stitch)

hands stitching pieces side to side 2

and someone (who will remain nameless) even stitched to their pantleg.

stitched to pant leg

But, in the end, everyone was successful in their efforts at this long-loved technique.

Finally, we ended the afternoon with a “Show and Tell” celebration.

show & tell 5 show & tell 2  show & tell 3  show & tell 1  show & tell 4

Now the only question is:

“I say, old chap, when shall we have tea again?”

*PS Projects are FREE patterns which offer you additional ways to use pieces and parts of the collection. So, once you have purchased one of the main patterns from a collection, you can come back to our blog or web store and use those designs in new ways.

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