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Fresh Start for the New Year

Yes, I know the new year of 2017 isn’t here yet.  Goodness, we haven’t even had Christmas!  But while you are finishing that last minute shopping, you might look ahead and see what’s coming.


It’s coming.

I’m going to make a fresh start of it… but not

  • diet
  • exercise
  • recycling
  • reading
  • closet cleaning

or anything harder that “changing my pillow wraps” every month.

This year, since I don’t have to pack them up for the shows, I can be on time, every time with a fresh monthly pillow wrap.  Seasons do change and winter will fade so I want to be ready.

December is on my chair as we speak…er, write.


December pillow wrap

I’ll be ready for the “passing of time” with the January hourglass wrap.  All the wraps have the darling “deconstructed” patches in some way.

Dec. Pillow Wrap

January Pillow Wrap

And of course, the month of love has to have a heart somewhere!


February Pillow wrap

I’m on a roll but if you really are “pillow-less” on your couch you can turn your hand to the other projects from the same collection.  The Spring Window puts it all together by the season.  Great wall hanging and you don’t have to worry about changing it every month.

SPRING window Bedited(1)

Ready for March, April, May.

Last but not least, there are 3 different projects altogether which you can do individually or send to a friend as a post card.  Winter Post Cards come in sets of three.  Each set has a table mat, a towel, and a tea cozy.


3 in 1 post card patterns

Enjoy your holidays and the coming seasons in any and every room of the house.

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Terminology–Tomato vs. Tomahto

CO Sister id tag

“No—Stop—Wait! Don’t put that on my refinished wood table/counter/desk.  Put something under it.”  So the something is highly debated around our house.  It might be the closest magazine, letter, napkin, bib, or whatever. (Yes, I’ve seen it be fresh laundry!) Something slides under the offensively dripping glass and is supposed to make everything alright.  Oh cont-rare!

Sister and I are actually selling a pattern to make such a something-that-goes-under-device but the point is — what do you call it?

cup thingCup thingy=hubby’s words

Coasters 010

Crocheted Coaster = Granny’s words

Saucer=Queen Mum’s term

final hexagon mug rug croppedMug Rug=DIY’er slang

So the reader poll begins…what do YOU call it?  What is the strangest one you’ve seen used?  Is it really necessary? (Guess who added the last question…he shall remain nameless to protect his identity.) But please protect my table!

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More Saucy Chef … Apron & Mini Mitt

A Saucy Chef collection just wouldn’t be complete without an apron.

Matter of fact, the apron is the first piece of the collection that was actually stitched.

Apron - Saucy Chef sm

This pattern is full of options: lots of mustaches to choose from …

and you can choose to stitch your own apron or use a pre-made apron as the base for your Saucy Chef. Once the apron is in place, you add sassy ric-rac trim and pockets across the front.

The pattern includes a Mini Mitt that is so Quick and Easy to stitch!

mini mitt sm

The Martelli Apple Core no-slip template “grips” through multiple layers of fabric and allows you to cut all the Apple Core pieces at once.

Applecore template only

And we’ve made the Mini Mitt available as a Post Card pattern, too.

(A Post Card pattern is the size and look of a vintage post card, and it unfolds to reveal instructions and line drawings.)

PC Chef mini mitt sm for web

And there’s more coming so stop by again soon.

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Quilts of the Plains

From the Florida sister

Even the 105 degrees of heat didn’t keep folks on the high plains of Colorado from coming together to enjoy this quilt festival — for the 13th year! Of course, we want to share the fun of the day with you – that’s what sisters do!

We had a great spot to display our collections – with fans nearby. (The kind that move the air around – and appreciative people too.)

We were so excited to have our summer blocks of the Seasons at my Window collection ready for this show. (June butterflies, July firecrackers, and August flowers) Additional projects for the spring line are ready as Post Card Projects (shown as the bright hand towels in the photos.)

Starry Night Tree Skirt & projects

Even in June there were quilters planning ahead enough to buy the Starry Night tree skirt, stockings and ornaments patterns.

AND — Uncle Sam was a hit!

We set out our new Let Freedom Ring autograph table cloth and decided to hand a flag marker to any sisters who came through the show together. You would love knowing …

Brenda Schmidt, from Wray, CO, and her sister Kay Flowers, from Statesville, NC. Brenda pretty much taught herself to quilt and even though she has only been at it a couple of years, she is brave enough to tackle queen sized projects. Kay, visiting from quite a distance, is held in high esteem as a seamtress in her own right – according to her sister. They were happy to sign their autographs on the Let Freedom Ring tablecloth and we were glad to be part of their stitching time together.

And we were delighted to meet ….

Joleen Gelvin and Shana Gardner, who live within 3 miles of each other just outside of Wray. They talked about missing their other sister, Treva Orender, who lives in Dayton, Tennesee. As they autographed the tablecloth we learned that they are members of Quilters Annonymous in Wray, which is a quilt guild active in making charity quilts such as Quilts of Valor.

This is definately a “Let’s do that again.” gathering. We extend our thanks to the show sponsors and to Brian Clements, who was a wonderful vendor host. Our appreciation goes to the friendly and helpful director of the Chamber of Commerce, Kyle Hanson, who did a wonderful job of putting this day together.

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Calico Quilter’s Garland Class

From Colorado sister


Going through the holiday photos brought back fond memories of the preparations we all make.  One of those preparations was the class that Calico Quilters did at their November meeting.  The Starry Night garland is a Quick & Easy project that you can even extend or add to year after year.  The quilting sisters stayed after their meeting one afternoon and many of them took home a 90% completed project. 

One of the hardest decisions was which size star to make from which color of felted wool! This postcard pattern offers three sizes of the folk art star and a million different ways to mix and match them.

Some suggestions included using it on a wreath, as a card hanger, or completely around the tree!  (Not that there are any over achievers among us!)  Don’t forget all the ideas for cute embellishments: wooden spools, buttons, fabric bows, cinnamon sticks, etc.  So string up those garlands and a Merry Christmas to one and all.

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