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Tutorial Tuesday: Thermal fabric & a mitt for the Bar-B-Q

Tutorial Tuesdays header

While we are all in celebration mode, we want to talk about this Barb-B-Q / oven mitt, a PS project from the Let Freedom Ring Collection.

PS Projects are FREE patterns that we add to our different pattern collections. You can find them all in our Brag Book. 

oven mitt 2

Our Really Big Hat Uncle Sam applique is included in the “for sale” patterns of the Let Freedom Ring Collection.

This quick bar-b-q/oven mitt will add to the comfort and the theme of your party. Using the Let Freedom Ring basic background block,

freedom star prototype sm

This is Freedom Star, the signature block for Let Freedom Ring Collection.

and a quick trim of prairie points, you will have a great accent in no time. See the Prairie Points Tips and Tricks page for a tutorial on this colorful trim.

prairie points

Official Opinion from the Florida Sister: You can never have too many Prairie Points!

You’ll need to sew some insulation type fabric between the outside and the lining in order to keep your hand protected. Make sure that you place the shiny side toward the heat source (i.e. facing the outside of the mitt).

Which brings us to the “tutorial” part of this post: advice regarding thermal fabrics. Your options fall into three basic categories (*none of which are safe for microwaving because of the metallic properties in them): 

  • Thermal Batting, which has insulating properties.
  • Thermal Fabric, which can withstand high temperatures without scorching.
  • Thermal Interfacing, which is a lighter weight insulating option.

We end to use Insulbright for projects that involve the oven (i.e. high heat). Isulbright has a reflective metalized poly film in it which resists radiant energy by reflecting it back to its source. Did we mention to make sure that you place the shiny side toward the heat source (i.e. facing the outside of the mitt).

We love this fabric because it is easy to cut, machine washable, and is quite nice to work with – though a bit slippery. Though it is in the batting category, The Warm Company does suggest you layer Insul-Bright with a standard cotton batting if you are using it for a high-heat application.

You can get your FREE instruction sheet HERE.


This is a Quick and Easy project!

Tip: For an “explosive” hostess gift, fill it with grilling tools or marinate mixes.

*One exception to the “do not microwave” rule is Wrap-N-Zap by Pellon, which is specifically designed to be microwaved.

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Tutorial Tuesday: Food Bowl Covers

Welcome to “Tutorial Tuesdays”

Tutorial Tuesdays headerTake a peek at the first of these FREE patterns with some tips that will make your Tuesday seem like Friday!

Continuing the Red White & Blue theme from your table to the frig(?) is easy with these simple (and freefood bowl covers.  They are adjustable for every size and you can embellish with the words or figures from your Let Freedom Ring patterns.

Tip #1:  Use bias tape to make the casing for the elastic and it will follow the curve easily.

Tip #2: Ric-rac is a quick embellishment that adds texture & color.

Tip #3: One size fits MANY.  Make it larger and it will cover more sizes.

So easy as 1,2,3 get the free pattern from the link above.

bowl-cover-2-webPotato salad never tasted so good…Actually, our family uses the age old “Frog Eye Salad” instead.  Recipe is belowbowl-cover-1-web


On the day before serving, cook the following ingredients together to form a thickened sauce:

1/2 cup sugar

1/4 teaspoon salt

1 Tablespoon flour

3/4 cup pineapple juice (drained & reserved from can)

1 beaten egg

1/2 Tablespoon lemon juice

Cook 8 oz. Acini de pepe (tiny pasta) in 2 quarts boiling water, lightly salted.  Drain & rinse.  Cool slightly and mix with sauce.  Refrigerate overnight.  Add 15 oz. can drained mandarin oranges, 20 oz. can drained, pineapple chunks, 10 oz. drained, crushed pineapple, fresh red grapes, 8 oz cartoon of frozen whipped cream.  Optional: sliced bananas or marshmallows.  Serve cold and store in refrigerator.


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Murphy’s Law and the Best Show Ever

As we’ve remodeled our store site, we’ve moved some pages and posts over to our new blog site. The posts you find after this point were originally found behind the counter at our store. Hope you enjoy a glimpse of Sister history.

From the Florida sister

We’re both back at home, unpacked and remembering the fun we had together at Quilt-A-Fair in Longmont, CO, September 21-22.

Okay, maybe I need to restate that since we’ve decided to give this show the Murphy Award. (You know, Murphy’s Law says that everything that could go wrong … )

The Murphy Show included things like …

unloading to find that boxes of patterns had been left behind at the ranch (2 hours away – Thank you to  Sister’s ranch husband for his extra round trip to rescue us!!!),

discovering multiple errors in the urgently needed print job,

checking into hotel to find our room had evidences of previous occupants – changing rooms then trial and error to find new room when we returned from supper,

receiving the patterns and pattern parts from helpful hero husband to discover another missing piece in the print order which we needed to stuff new pattern bags,

arriving at show morning #1 to find cash had been left at hotel room,

starting toward hotel evening #1 to discover cash left at show booth …

At this point we were ready for the hot tub at the hotel and felt the lack of swimsuits was really no problem since we could get something at the discount clothing store even though it is almost October  (Florida sister’s idea). No suits in entire store (no shock to Colorado sister) but we substituted large navy men’s tee shirts and Last Chance Sale shorts – the leopard print didn’t bother us in the least. Back to the Murphy’s Law list …

arriving at hot tub to find that an occasional burp was indeed “full throttle” and the HOT in hot tub was a relative term,

realizing that the navy die in the tee shirts traveled through the hot tub water to our hands – and other booty body parts,

accepting the fact that the new laptop had a malfunctioning video card which prevented some of our business work,

missing the usual fun of plotting the annual scrap challenge that we used to do when we were only manning a single booth (for D&J Country Antiques) …

Wait, that’s really not a Murphy thing because the lack of fabric fun for us personally was due to the heavy traffic at our booths and that eclipses any part of Murphy’s Law.

In spite of Murphy’s Law, we met some delightful sister pairs like Mary Watson and Jenni Walker who kindly autographed the Let Freedom Ring tablecloth and …

Sherry Conner and Tina Wilcox who shared their quilting humor via their shirts as they signed also.

Lots of quilters stopped so that we could show them the great Martelli tools that we are recommending.

(We will dedicate another separate blog to that topic.) Suffice it to say that these quilting tools work hand in glove with the patterns we are producing and we are so excited to see how they were received by visitors to our booth. You can check out their great products here and soon you’ll see a link on our web store.

Our thanks to the Colorado Quilt Council for all of their hard work to make the show so successful.

And indeed it was successful, despite Murphy!

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Quilts of the Plains

From the Florida sister

Even the 105 degrees of heat didn’t keep folks on the high plains of Colorado from coming together to enjoy this quilt festival — for the 13th year! Of course, we want to share the fun of the day with you – that’s what sisters do!

We had a great spot to display our collections – with fans nearby. (The kind that move the air around – and appreciative people too.)

We were so excited to have our summer blocks of the Seasons at my Window collection ready for this show. (June butterflies, July firecrackers, and August flowers) Additional projects for the spring line are ready as Post Card Projects (shown as the bright hand towels in the photos.)

Starry Night Tree Skirt & projects

Even in June there were quilters planning ahead enough to buy the Starry Night tree skirt, stockings and ornaments patterns.

AND — Uncle Sam was a hit!

We set out our new Let Freedom Ring autograph table cloth and decided to hand a flag marker to any sisters who came through the show together. You would love knowing …

Brenda Schmidt, from Wray, CO, and her sister Kay Flowers, from Statesville, NC. Brenda pretty much taught herself to quilt and even though she has only been at it a couple of years, she is brave enough to tackle queen sized projects. Kay, visiting from quite a distance, is held in high esteem as a seamtress in her own right – according to her sister. They were happy to sign their autographs on the Let Freedom Ring tablecloth and we were glad to be part of their stitching time together.

And we were delighted to meet ….

Joleen Gelvin and Shana Gardner, who live within 3 miles of each other just outside of Wray. They talked about missing their other sister, Treva Orender, who lives in Dayton, Tennesee. As they autographed the tablecloth we learned that they are members of Quilters Annonymous in Wray, which is a quilt guild active in making charity quilts such as Quilts of Valor.

This is definately a “Let’s do that again.” gathering. We extend our thanks to the show sponsors and to Brian Clements, who was a wonderful vendor host. Our appreciation goes to the friendly and helpful director of the Chamber of Commerce, Kyle Hanson, who did a wonderful job of putting this day together.

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