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A “Just Ducky” Quilt for Little Dreams

We were shocked at ourselves. Shocked and appalled.

To think that we had gone on so long without any patterns for little ones. We love little ones. We love being surrounded by our little ones!


little ones1

Kids seated

Personalities are showing!

Little ones need quilts for cuddling. Well, things couldn’t go on like this any longer – we had to address this great neglect. Sisters at Heart needed a quilt pattern for little ones!


The Lullaby Collection was born and the design chart came out:

Size: big crib or child’s bed size – They grow out of the baby quilt size way too soon, we have learned this sad truth!

Quilting level: not too difficult but something we hadn’t used before

Motif: ducklings, little paddling ducklings

images 2

 Color parameters: current, modern colors to please young tastes, and blue of some kind – for water for the little paddling ducklings  

Block: off-set hexagons, using white between the aqua rows – so there would be gentle white caps in the water for the little paddling ducklings


Borders: wide borders with contrasting flanges, one for the focus fabric and one made of wide diagonal stripes – to give those precious little paddling ducklings secure and fun boundaries

Special touch: a border with a poem – about little paddling ducklings


Now to fill in the last frame of the design chart – NAME THAT QUILT. That part came pretty easily:

Just Ducky sign

The planning completed, we could move on to fabric for the sample. Since, for once, we were together in the same state for a few days, we could do this together!

fabric sm

And for the math calculations – this is where the Colorado sister takes the lead. We found some challenges here.

#1 – different people measure hexagons different ways. But most quilters measure the flat side and identify the hexagon with that measurement.

#2 – the offset hexagons produce an unusual finished sized row – not that it really matters because you can make the surrounding borders any size you want them. But you might notice that the measurements for the borders are a little unusual. Or you might not notice – the Florida sister hardly thought it worth mentioning.

#3 – the diagonal stripes could be made with half-square triangles or with strips with a bias one way or the other – each of us were inclined to proceed with a different method and that would change the math —- decisions, decisions …


Time to write the instructions – what will we call the fabric color we use for the water?


Web research on color and design and dictionary sites produced:  Aquamarine, ultra marine, blue-green, green-blue, teal, turquoise, aqua, pool blue, peacock, surfer — surfer is a color? Okay, this isn’t helping..

What about cutting all those hexagons …. Fortunately, right at the start of the sewing process we found these wonderful templates for cutting the hexagons and the little paddling ducks. (More on those templates in a future post.)

ducky template

The quilt for the little ones just might move from concept to reality!

We soon realized that we needed a new poem for the embroidery border because what we could find in nursery rhyme books had very little to say about little paddling ducklings. So we wrote:

Three little ducks all in a row

Paddle in the water, smooth and slow

Three little ducks …..

well now, I can’t tell you everything in this post.

But, you can get the pattern HERE.

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