Sister’s Etsy Store

Looking for the Sisters At Heart, Miles Apart store?

You’ll find all of our PDF instant downloadable patterns and lots of connecting stitchery HERE.


2 thoughts on “Sister’s Etsy Store

  1. mhtrottier

    I hesitate to order from your online store because you do not have any information as to your location (address) nor do you list a phone number. Is there a way to contact you about a product on your store website?

    • Caution on the web is wise. Good for you!
      As our name indicates, our locations are “miles apart”. One of us is in Colorado and one of us is in Florida. You’ll find our patterns and products at quilt shows, shops and classes everywhere in between – as well as on our web store, and at our etsy store. We spend our other work hours in our studios rather than tending a store front.

      You have found the best way to contact us right here or you can email us at If you’d like a phone conversation, just send us a private email with your number and we’ll be happy to call you. Or you can send us a question here and we’d love to keep chatting.

      Either way, we’re glad you found us and hope you have lots of stitching time!

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