Great tools make great things happen!

Whenever some great tools come through our lives, we Sisters will pass along a recommendation.

You can get these by shopping at Martelli’s online store.

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Apple Core Template

It’s indispensable when you are stitching our Saucy Chef collection.


The Apple Core template is just what you need to make accurate cuts – which will make sewing the curves easy.  The Apple Core has the secret non-slip backing which allows you to cut through multiple layers of fabric at a time. You’ll love the way it holds layers when you cut batting and insulated batting.

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Circle Templates

This set of 4 quarter circle templates is the perfect tool for cutting circles using a rotary cutter!

TemplatesSMcircle  (Non-slip backing grips through layers to give you accurate circles. Large set includes four pieces from 6.5 – 9.5″ and small set includes four pieces from 2.5″ – 5.5″)

Simply cut a fabric square a bit larger that the intended circle size, fold the square in half and fold again into quarters. Press or finger press folds to make sure the edges are even. Place straight edges of template along the folds and cut around the curved edge for a perfect circle! The Martelli exclusive no-slip backing holds the multiple layers of fabric in place as you cut.

Great for yoyos or Drunkard’s Path or …

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Dresden Plate Template

It’s just the tool you’ll need for our Mother’s Flower Basket centerpiece.

dresden sm

(The no-slip backing lets you cut through 6-8 layers at once!)

We think you’ll be delighted at the accuracy of your cuts because the patented non-slip backing holds multiple layers of fabric so that there is no slipping! Accurate cutting means easier piecing!

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Ergonomically Designed Cutters

We were truly amazed by the truly ergonomic Martelli ErgoCutter—a rotary cutter that eases your task! You can choose either a 45mm cutter (right or left-handed) or a 60mm cutter (right-handed).

45R-thumb $25

Unlike traditional rotary cutters, the Ergo Cutter is held in a natural position with your arm and hand evenly distributing all of the pressure. The design was guided by the advice of orthopedic surgeons, occupational therapists, and other qualified professionals. You will be especially glad for this if you have problems with arthritis, carpel tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, hand fatigue, neck or arm pain!

Because of the angle of the cut, the blades last soooooo long. And, it improves accuracy of cutting, doesn’t slice up your cutting mat and can cut multiple layers with amazing ease.

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Free Motion Quilting Hoops

We think you’ll want to throw away those ill-fitting clumsy gloves and rubber finger tips. These hoops will ease your machine quilting in incredible ways!


FreeMotion%20Hoop%20Pair%20comp b

The 11” diameter ring and 8” inner diameter are constructed with comfortable guide knobs to ensure an easy grip for hours of safe, painless, free-motion quilting.

These hoops have a wide groove cut into each ring which allows plenty of clearance for any machine presser foot and feature the same no-slip backing as Martelli rulers, templates, and Get-a-Grip machine pads and foot pads. The no-slip backing grips your quilt-top just enough to allow you to easily maneuver your quilt “sandwich” as you sew.

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Hexagon Sets

Just exactly what we needed for our English Paper Piecing projects!

Hexagon_Set-no fussy cut cropped

We know there is some debate about that way of measuring and we’re working on that. These are measured from flat side to flat side.

These no-slip templates are your precision friend for creating perfect hexagons – multiple layers at a time. Precision laser-cut from durable polyethylene, the secret of the no-slip templates is in the patented, foam-rubber, ‘get-a-grip’ backing, which ensures an easy-but-firm gripping action with no tacky residue.

Set includes 1”, 1½”, 2”, 2½”, 3”, 3½” hexagons. We know there is some debate about that way of measuring and we’re working on that. These measured from flat side to flat side.

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Minute Miters

Perfectly mitered corners – every single time! These clips make that possible!

Martelli MinMiter SET

( Includes 3 sizes to accommodate different widths of binding.)

After sewing one side of the binding on, it’s a matter of clipping the larger clip in place at the corner, folding the binding back over the angle of the clip, sliding it into position … Instruction sheet is included or you can watch a short video here. (You’ll want to go to minute 13:20 to see this part of the binding demo.)

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No-Slip Ruler with 45 degree angle

How often do we need an accurate 45° cut?!?  Y-seams, half-square triangles, Flying Geese …

Rectangle_Angle_W300 w edge

(Grips several layers of fabric for marking and cutting identical angles and straight cuts.)

This no-slip template will hold multiple layers of fabric in place when you need to mark or cut a 45°angle.

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“Pre-cuts” Set of Templates


A set of 3 square templates and 1 ruler.

Templates: Squares: 2½”,  5″,  10” and Ruler: 2½” x 24″

(Non-slip backing grips through multiple layers of fabric to allow for accurate cuts.)

You can produce your own “pre-cut” stacks of fabric with ease and at a fraction of the cost you’ll find in quilt stores. Keep your scraps under control and have quilt block pieces ready to stitch.

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Skinny Minis

A set of 5 rulers.      Length: 24″ and Widths: 1½”,  2″,  2½”,  3″,  3½”


(Non-slip backing grips through multiple layers of fabric to allow for accurate cuts on wide width cuts.)

These Skini-Mini Rulers may become your new best friend because they are designed for cutting in tight places, as well as for easy strips of uniform size (the width of the ruler), have the patented No-Slip backing which grips solidly giving you accurate cuts and, work exceptionally with the Martelli ErgoCutter, replacement blades, and self-healing mats.

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