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Stitching with Marci Baker

FL Sister id tag

It all started at the Colorado Quilt Council’s show two years ago when Marci Baker’s booth was across from us. We were both entertained – in fact, the Colorado sister was mesmerized – by the way that Marci manipulated strips into triangles and triangles into dimensional blocks and cubes. We quickly became fans – and that was before we learned about the “unsewing” technique she has!

Because she had way more hot tips than we could gather while we were working at that show, Cindy arranged to have Marci come to lead a workshop at the Calico Quilters in Brush, CO. And, due to her organizational skills, I was there for a visit at just the right time. So, we got to do that class together.

When I got home with the news of the fun we had and the great stuff we learned, the Pensacola Quilters guild invited Marci to visit Florida and I got my guest room ready to host her. (It also motivated me to clean my studio!) That is the story that leads up to my week Stitching with Marci Baker!


Here’s the proof: Marci at my cutting table!

Some of the guild officers and workshop leaders came for lunch to start the week off right and then Marci gave a presentation on foundation paper piecing for the evening guild meeting.


Her techniques are available in print as well.

Then she taught an all day class from her book ABC 3-D Tumbling blocks.


Looks difficult – but’s it’s done in strips so it’s not hard!

The next day I offered her several field trip options but her response was, “If you wouldn’t mind, could we just spend the day in your studio sewing?” Are you kidding me!?!?! Don’t you just dream of company that will make that request? And that’s what we did.


It really works! More on this later!

In the process of working on a project for her next book, I gleaned some great tips on sewing strips together, using that wonderful little purple strip (Sewing Edge) to sew a consistent 1/4″ seam, and … you can get some good stuff HERE.


Sewing on her top secret project! My lips are sealed!

Then she gave a color workshop which was wonderfully interactive and informative.


Her color exercises were fun and nurtured friendship as well as knowledge.

As we sorted the fabric samples we each brought, we learned that a black and white photo can help you determine which fabrics fit into different categories. It is so much easier when you aren’t distracted by the colors!


Here’s the full colored version. Can you pick out the pieces that are out of order?



See how much easier it is in the black & white version?

Her last presentation, at the Thursday morning guild meeting, included some of her quilts.


This Honeycomb Waffle is sewn together in strips! No set-in seams!

We celebrated the completion of a full week with dinner at the beach – including a view of the sunset. (Thank you, Dietz, for being such a good sport during a week so saturated with all things fabric!)


A new friend – the best find of the week!

Marci is such an easy guest to have and such an easy teacher to learn from. We recommend her and appreciate her personally and professionally. You can contact her for workshops and presentations HERE.

PS -The greatest achievement of the week was that I was finally convinced of the benefits of “starties and stoppies” (you may call them spiders or tags or …). She had 25 reasons to use those little fabric pieces but the reason that finally got through to me was the fewer times I will replace the bobbin!

Thanks for coming, Marci! Come again!



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Design Challenge: Someone else’s Favorite Things

FL Sister id tag

Sometimes I think I’m forgetting more than I ever knew in the first place. So this week’s foundation paper piecing project made me feel really good about myself. Not because it is prize-winning work (although the points do match pretty well) but because I realized how long ago I first learned to foundation paper piece – and I still remember how to do it!


Back in the days we lived in Utah I went to a foundation paper piecing class in Logan Canyon – one of Utah’s many beautiful spots. The teacher had great handouts, a logical and methodical approach to her explanations, and it worked! Wonder of wonders, I finished the project!

apple paper piecing

I hand quilted this one. With four kids at home at that time, I’m not sure how that happened!

And if you judge a teacher by how long the information sticks in the student’s head – she was a success.  Because here it is 25 years later and I’m still remembering the process! I wouldn’t say that it is my favorite method, but sometimes it is the only way to get where I need to go!


This month I needed this knowledge in a real way in order to “kill two birds with one stone” on my To Do list.

First goal was to prepare for a quilt show entry. The Pensacola Quilters Guild will host a show in the spring of 2018 and they have chosen Feathered Star as their theme block. You can be sure that the only way this stitching sister is going to do a Feathered Star is via foundation paper piecing! Before I commit to a whole quilt featuring a Feathered Star I needed to do a practice block. So some friends from guild met for a sew day to help each other get started.

paper piecing

It’s kind of like paint-by-numbers, only you use fabric. And PS – this is not a feathered star, it’s a tree.

At the same time,  my Red Hens sewing bee friends had started a design a mini-quilt challenge. This challenge is meant to stretch our quilting resume to include a project based, not on our preferences, but the preferences of another person – kind of a widening of our quilting perspective. We drew a name out of the hat to determine who we were designing the quilt for. In order to design the quilt we were to interview that person to find out their quilting history, their preferences, how they made quilting choices.

diane and vernell Christmas Party sm

Diane Carson and Vernell Savage, our Red Hen sewing bee leaders, at our Christmas party.

So, I interviewed Diane Carson, one of the fearless leaders of our Red Hens quilting bee. This is what I found out:

What color scheme to you like? Not pastel, no brights or primary colors; Blues; Batiks

What style of quilting do you like? Not modern – more traditional with a twist; Applique is good; Dimensional is good

What scale of prints are you drawn to? Medium prints rather than large;

What was your first quilt choice? Log cabin

I learned a lot by asking what had influenced her as a quilter. She said: Dixie Hayward influenced her and changed her tastes


As I plotted and schemed I realized that I could achieve these two objectives in one project – a 24″ mini quilt for Diane with a Feathered Star center made from (not bright) blue batiks with a simple border that would accentuate the points of the Feathered Star.

I used my trusty EQ7 to print out the 12″ block that I wanted. There are plenty of choices since the middle of the star leaves space for lots of different options.

foundation pattern sm

Marking the squares with D for dark, L for light, etc. helps me remember what fabric goes where.

Using batiks added to the challenge because my batik stash is not huge. So the design of the sashing and border was determined by the amount of fabric left after the center was stitched.

f star ready for border sm

Now it’s ready for the border – simple so it doesn’t distract but still needs to echo of the center block.

And here are some of the other design challenge entries….

embellishments sm

for the embellishment lover

Herbie owl sm

for Herbie who loves owls

sunshine and flowers sm

for the quilter who loves sunshine and gardening


yellow and blue sm

She requested blue and yellow

linen lover

For the one who loves old linens. 🙂

final star sm

And now I know I can do a feathered star!


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Quilt Show: a Mixed Bag

FL Sister id tag

“Quilt Show”

I’m confessing that hearing those wonderful, exhausting words brings a smile and a grimace at the same time. No way around it – it’s a mixed bag.


We do have to face boxes and check lists and printing deadlines [insert loud groaning] and this


“staging” props and quilted projects


in order to get to friendly faces, inspiring projects and [insert deep sigh of satisfaction] this.


Just Ducky and Mother’s Medallion



Seasons and Wedding Wishes

There is indeed the painful mix of tired feet and concrete floors. BUT there is also …..


Heroic help from Dietz – There is something about a guy who will get on his knees to help me!!!

In every mixed bag there are hidden happy benefits if we are watching for them.  The Pensacola Quilters Guild Show this past weekend has one benefit that other shows do not offer: the Florida Sister gets to soak in her own tub and sleep in her own bed every night. And an additional benefit is that as I see the beautiful creations I know the quilters behind them.

For instance – every month at guild meetings I get to enjoy the friendship of spunky, bubbly little Lenny Cable who exhibited 5 quilts at the show and took home 5 ribbons.


Happy hospitable Lenni with her Log Cabin


And there is wonderfully creative Cena who has literally quilted her way from Alaska to Florida. She creates original designs like this circular piece.

cena quilt

Do you see the cats in this circle of friends?


mice quilting

It only makes sense that where there are cats there will be mice!


And because this is the show where Sisters introduced our new Linens and Old Lace collection my eyes spotted the hankies, dresser scarves and lace that adorned the quilters that walked by.

mom and daughter

Mother and daughter in their Old Linen vests.


mom and daughter back

Beautiful stitching is found on the back too.

tatting and yoyos

See the folded yo-yos, tatting and embroidery?


Old buttons add just the right touch


The French knots are beautifully done!

vest back

Combining denim and lace produced this amazing piece.

Our little treasure trove of hankies even prompted a tutorial on making a special little gift when a new friend stopped by to sort through them. But, I think we will wait to post that next week.


In the meantime, I’m suggesting that most of life is a mixed bag and we will find treasures and joy if we learn to sort through it to hang on to the parts that bring us joy.

bloomin wool pot

The Bloomin Wool Runner and the Display Scarf patterns will be in our store very soon.



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Snip, Rip and Share

We love sharing – that’s what sisters do, you know. Over the years, we have borrowed ideas as much as we have borrowed fabric, notions – or clothes. Many an idea has started in the west and produced fun in a variety of locations and vice versa. This time it’s a challenge idea that is stretching across the miles between us.

Snip, Rip and Share Challenge

Do this slowly. Trust me, the snip and rip pace will vary and someone will get behind or someone will be confused about what “pass to the right” means.

Everyone stands in a circle with the yard of fabric they brought and an empty gallon plastic bag.

Snip the yard of fabric and rip it into 2 equal pieces. (Not necessary to be exact on this, girls.) Place one half in your bag and pass the other half to the right.

Now you have a 1/2 yard piece of fabric in your hand. Snip it and rip it in half. Place one half in your bag and pass the other half to the right.

Now you have 1/4 yard piece of fabric in your hand.Snip it and rip it in half. Place one half in your bag and pass the other half to the right. Some people will snip and rip it to make rectangular pieces and some with do it so that you have square-ish pieces. Either is fine.

Now you have 1/8 yard piece of fabric in your hand. Snip it and rip it in half. Place one half in your bag and pass the other half to the right.

Now you have 5 different pieces of fabric in your bag – sizes from 1/16 yd to 1/2 yard.

fabric pile

Don’t be too nervous – this is what my bag had in it.

And here are the challenge rules: Make something.

Anything. Any size. Any technique. Use all of the fabric you possibly can. Add other fabrics if you wish. Bring your finished project in a pillowcase or bag on the appointed day. A viewers choice vote will be taken and a prize given. Bring your left over scraps because the entry with the littlest amount of leftover scraps will receive a special prize.

The Florida stitchers exhibited their results recently …

yo-yo tree

A yo-yo tree on a snowy background


wavey quilt

a curved version of stack, cut and shuffle the pieces


sunbonnet sue and butterflies

Sunbonnet Sue with butterflies


story quilt

Fireworks on a small quilt this time.


pillow wrap

An Anthropology-esque (ie: early hippy) pillow wrap. The fabric that didn’t really fit made a great lining!


flying geese bag

Flying geese cover this bag. There were little mini bags inside from other fabrics


checkerboard quilt

Cats stitched with variegated threads play among checker boards.


bird's eye view umbrellas quilt

Umbrellas – from a bird’s eye view.


bag with pockets

A bag – the least favorite fabrics were used for the inside pockets.



Cut into strips, all the fabrics blend together. And it won a prize at the county fair!


helens apron etc

When she couldn’t make the fabrics work together, she made placemats, a pin cushion, a glasses case and an apron. Is that even legal!?!?! The rules might need to address this ahead of time.





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Recipe for New Year’s Eve

Inspiration for our patterns come to us from so many places – and so do our favorite recipes. We’re hoping that you’ll use some of these favorites to celebrate all that this past year has brought you as well as the potential you see for the coming year.

Veggie Pizza

The origins of this one are a little blurry. In fact the ingredients often get blurry to one of us – every year one sister makes the annual phone call to get the forgotten details from the other sister. It’s almost a holiday tradition.

1-2 containers of crescent rolls – depending on the size of your pizza stone or cookie sheet

Spread the crescent rolls out on the oiled pizza stone or cookie sheet. Bake at 350 for 5-10 min. Cool.

Beat together: Please, sister, fill in the blanks because I’ve forgotten this part and I can’t find my recipe…

The other sister says: Not too worry. I found mine. – Beat together 8 oz cream cheese + 1 C mayo + 1/2 tsp. onion powder + 1 tsp dill weed + 1/2 tsp garlic salt and spread over the cooled crust.

Top with finely chopped veggies: carrots, broccoli, radishes, cucumber, red peppers. Chill before cutting into squares or triangles.


How did these come to be? We aren’t really sure, but we both agreed that our mom passed it along to us when we were newly married.

Combine: 1 egg          2 T from an envelope chili mix       1/2 c water       1/2 C cornmeal        1/2 tsp salt          1 1/2 lbs ground beef    Shape into balls. Arrange on a baking sheet. Bake at 450 for 10-15 min. Place in a chafing dish with 2 C tomato juice, the rest of the chili mix and 2 T lemon juice.  Heat to simmering.


Jalapeno chicken bacon wrap

Our friend, a chef, produced these for one daughter’s wedding reception. Our dad loved them so much he created his own version. Think of that – a Marine, a cowboy, a preacher and (at age 85) a chef!

 Flatten chicken breasts a little. Add seeded jalapenos. Roll up into rolls and wrap them in bacon. Bake at 425 for 10-15 min.

Sharon’s Cheesy Ham Dip

The Red Hen Quilting Bee girls are a fun group and every time I’m with them, I come home with great tips – some for the sewing studio and some for the kitchen.

3 slices of ham (can be smoked)

8 oz of cream cheese

1/4 C Parmesan cheese

1 C grated cheddar cheese

1/2 C red bell peppers

1/4 C chopped green onion

Blend until smooth. Bake @ 350 for 20 min. Serve with crackers or veggies.

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Christmas Party at the Guild

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  You already know we love the holidays from the amount of Christmas projects we love to do. holly

So it’s not surprising that we are Christmas Party planning across the miles.  We are sharing ideas for food and games and wanted to share a few with you, too – recipes in later posts.


Games from the ghost of Christmas past:

Some kinds of old-fashioned fun never wear out.

Pin the Fur on Santa

Not sure if this needs much explanation but we can add a couple of twists to bring it into the stitching world. Put a figure of Santa on the wall. Pass out cotton balls with double stick tape on the back. Use the blind fold/turn in a circle routine. The people who actually stitch the fur where it belongs get prizes and if anyone gets the fur on the end of Santa’s hat – well, they get the golden needle award.

Who am I?

Write the names of quilt blocks on 3×5 cards and pin one on the back of each quilter at your party. Everyone asks Yes or no questions to discover the name of the block. Or you can substitute in the name of a sewing notion or tool if you prefer.

Musical Chairs Gift Exchange:

With everyone seated in a circle, tuck your gift wrapped item under the chair.  Stand and move in a circle singing a favorite carol.  At the end of the song, sit and unwrap the gift under your chair.


Games from the ghost of Christmas present:

The annual gift exchange definitely comes from Christmas past but there are ways to bring it into the present, too – keep it novel and current.

Change up the items to be exchanged. This year one guild is exchanging 4″ coasters.  And another is exchanging fat quarters.  Another ideas for exchanging gifts:  your favorite notion, pin cushions, aprons, pint jars of buttons.

And the methods used to exchange can be new and different. We share just a couple more.

Plastic Wrap Ball: ball

Each guest brings a favorite notion. As they arrive, wrap the notions – one at a time – in a continuous length of plastic wrap (packing shrink wrap works great) so that you make a huge ball of gifts. You might want to start the ball with an extra special gift (like a jingle bell elf) in the middle. Also, you may want to add candy or a few strips from a jelly roll to keep the ball growing and add some extra interest.

When it’s time to play the game give the plastic wrap ball (and maybe a pair of winter gloves) to one person and give one dice to the person on their left. The person with the gloves begins to unwrap the ball and the person with the dice rolls until they roll a designated number. Any gifts that have been unwrapped belong to the person who unwrapped them. Then the gloves and the ball are passed to the right to the next person, with the dice being passed to the person who just relinquished the ball. And the unwrapping continues until the middle present is revealed. You might want to establish that anyone with more than 2 gifts or strips or candy should share with anyone who didn’t unwrap a gift – it is Christmas, after all.


My favorite thing:

As guests arrive they write on a name tag their favorite thing about Christmas. They wear that name tag. The same word or phased is written on a gift tag and held until all of the wrapped exchange gifts are collected. Then the tags are randomly placed on the gifts and to be claimed as each guess shares their favorite thing about Christmas. If you want to avoid duplicates, have the greeters keep a list at the welcome table.)



Games from the ghost of Christmas future:

One of the best ways to celebrate Christmas is found in the “games of significance” we play which will carry the spirit of Christmas throughout the year. So, we encourage guilds and clubs to play “Pay it Forward.”

Donate your quilt, your fabric or your financial aide to a charitable groups like: Quilts of Valor, homeless shelters, safe houses for domestic abuse victims or group homes for adults with disabilities

Stitch and distribute pillowcases through foster care organizations or veterans’ hospitals or rehab facilities

Make and distribute placemats and lap robes through your area Council on Aging


We hope your Christmas celebrations are times where laughter is abundant, friendship is multiplied, and the First Gift of Christmas is remembered.

PS – We’d love for you to send us your best party ideas!

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Quilt Guilds & Sisterhood

CO Sister id tag


Life is change and life is the same.  One always makes me thankful for the other.  Too much change and I need a little sameness.  Too much sameness and I need a little change.  This is true in many areas:

  • Food:  Comfort food vs new recipe for those foods
  • Wardrobe: Same clothes vs new parings of those clothes
  • Home:  Same stuff vs new arrangement of stuff
  • Quilts: Same block vs new setting of those blocks
  • Guilds:….well….
stuff for son's appartment sm

Colorado Sew & Tell

class and Sandy sm

A sewing sister













I look forward to our guild meeting each month but it seems the sameness has made me complacent about my involvement AND my enjoyment.  The idea of change for 2016 was brought up last month and I’ve been reflecting on it for the last few weeks.  It will be the same people (hopefully with some new ones joining) doing the same activities (sewing, learning, sharing) but with new methods.  Some of us will like it more than others but the intent is to breathe new life and enjoyment into something that has become a little stale.  It might (WILL) have hiccups along the way but I look for the renewed source of inspiration.

photo2 croppedsm

Florida Sew and Tell

stitchin sisters sm

Trading Stitching Tips











So now what?  The first thing I did was call my sister and ask about her guild.  Actually, she belongs to two and they are different within themselves.  We talked about the purpose of a guild, pros and cons of that, involvement levels for each type of guild, what we liked or would miss if it were different.  It all boiled down to “SISTERHOOD”.  Of course we would see it that way, because we love the sameness of our own sisterhood, but also love the encouraging changes in our sisterhood.

3 siblings a

Sunsuit Sisters


brunch 3

Silly Sisters












Sisters will share the sameness of blood relatives all their lives but the bond will produce changes as well.  In our case, it has made us closer than we were at 12 & 13 (thankfully!).  This is true for sisters in many areas as well:

  • Clothes: sharing the same sweater & shoes vs sizes & color/style choices that change
  • Food: Two straws for the same soda vs “I like coffee & she loved tea”
  • Quilts:  Finishing the same Holly Jolly quilt vs Trading blocks for Starry Night
sewing circle

Sewing Circle

This made me look at our guild as a “sisterhood” of quilters.  We all want to share ideas, learn from each other, talk about how to use our fabric stash, make a charity quilt or two and just enjoy the sister next to us.  All this discussion made us wonder: What do you like about your guild?  What do you wish you could change?

The changes of doing those things by one method or another may come & go, but the sameness found in the sisterhood of quilt guilds will endure.  Long live the GUILD!

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Switching Identities and Gathering Ideas

FL Sister id tagSister 2 doesn’t usually ask me to do the impossible but this time …

There are so many reasons I will never be able to pretend to be my sister. In the first place, our daughters look more like sisters than we do. And then there is the silence factor – it comes more naturally to her than to me. And we haven’t even mentioned the math – it makes me itch and she tracks the numbers for several business ventures all at once.


But, while Colorado Sister was in California welcoming her new granddaughter, I, the Florida Sister, came west to spend time with our dad

He’s an “easy keeper” and our favorite Marine.

and just happened to be in town the day her guild, the Calico Quilters, met. So I fearlessly gathered the delivery I needed to make for the Colorado Sister and prepared to give my best impersonation – even though I pretty much knew what would happen when I walked into her quilt club and tried to be Cindy for even a few short hours.

Sure enough – their disbelieving laughter came before I finished my greeting of, “Good morning, I’m Cin …” But the gracious Calico Quilters welcomed me despite my feeble attempt to be my sister – and allowed me to enjoy their Show and Share, ask questions about how they do their challenges and stitch along during their class on felted wool.

Here’s a sampling of what the Calico Quilters were up to that day:

scrappy brights sm

They make big quilts

little fake cathedral window sm

and small quilts;

stuff for son's appartment sm

little projects for others

hexagon trivet sm

and little projects for themselves.

strip piecing on dryer sheets sm

They strip quilt with dryer sheets as a foundation.

stack and wack sm

and sometimes they stack ’em and whack ’em.

quilt from paint chips sm

They find inspiration in many places …

paint chip idea sm

like this paint advertisement for “colors of the year.”

window pane sm

They challenge each other and they challenge themselves …


They have block of the month challenges when

block of the month - Sunbonnet Sue2 sm

some choose everything from Sunbonnet Sue …

block of the month - Sunbonnet Sue sm

I loved this one best because it made me think of the Sister’s fabric packages we exchange.

block of the month - stars sm

to stars …..


And then there was the Precut Challenge that produced

precut 3 sm

and …

big quilt sm

and …

precut - scrappy sm

and even wreaths ….

wreath sm

organizing idea sm

along with great organizing tips.

They try new techniques ..

precut challange - modern sm

and perfect favorite methods.

purple modern sm

They showed us round quilts and

circle flying geese sm

quilts with round designs that won prizes at the fair.

circles -fair winner sm

Some showed quilts from kits …

gray and yellow sm

(Here’s where I learned that some quilt kits give you so much fabric that you have

kit sm

enough left over fabric for the back and even …

kt backing sm

enough for an extra quilt!)

kit leftover sm

And then they share their expertise with one another.

That’s where the wool class came in the program.

We worked on little stockings cut from felted wool and embellished with holly leaves and bells.  I sat next to my high school Latin class buddy, Sandy, who showed me a fabulous new way to thread multiple stands of embroidery thread.

class and Sandy sm

(This is so much more fun than Latin!)

And I learned the benefits of using a conditioner on the embroidery thread to keep it from tangling.

thread conditioner sm

And then my new friend showed me how to tie a great knot.

I know that sounds elementary but it was really a neat technique and I’m not that great at making a neat knot. I’ll try to put the little video I made of her technique on a post really soon.


knot friend sm


Needless to say, the time with them was worth my momentary failure of assuming a different identity.


What good ideas can you pass along from your club, guild, or quilting bee?

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Embellishment Challenge: a guild idea

FL Sister id tag One of my favorite days of the month is Red Hen Sewing Bee day when I get to spend time with a couple of dozen talented stitching sisters. Lead by Vernell and Diane, two dedicated “chicks” who keep us organized and inspired as we do finish our UFQs, work on community projects, and stretch ourselves through quilt challenges.

The most recent challenge started when we exchanged white paper bags filled with embellishments. You know: buttons, small pieces of lace, short sections of rick-rack, jewels, a few inches of cord, pins, yo-yos, dimensional applique pieces …. We were to use at least five of the enclosed embellishments on a small quilt no larger than 24″ and no smaller than 12″. Other than those simple parameters, we were set free to create and design. The results were as diverse as the stitchers themselves!

kimonos sm

kimonos and silver fan pins

nest sm

old lace for the bird’s nest

garden sm

buttons and trims and yo-yo flowers

yoyo chicken sm

yo-yo chicken wings with yo-yo and lace flowers along with star shaped buttons

embellishments sm

star shaped buttons are used for Christmas this time

The unidentified quilts were hung on a design board. Everyone voted for their 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th choice. Every 1st vote earned, say, 20 points; every 2nd vote earned, say, 15 points and so on. The person with the most points was awarded the first place ribbon and then came the second most votes —- Trust me, Vernell’s ribbons are treasures in their own right.

birds sm

the little mouse’s tail is some cord, and the bird’s tail is cut from lace

flower vase sm

the fluffiest flowers come from raveled lace

Becky sm

paint on burlap squares and ceramic radish button – what variety of embellishments


sw sm

the Southwest is celebrated with beads and buttons

During the “Ribbon Ceremony” each quilter shared the challenges she faced or what inspired her choices.

sewing basket s

Feathers and buttons and lace combined with a mini sewing kit from the dollar store to make this a deserving 1st Place Prize winner!

Challenges are a great way to stretch your quilting education and explore new territory — and, who knows, you might even find something you really LOVE to do!

We’d love to hear about challenges your group has taken on together.

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Vintage Linens and Quilting, a visit from Cindy Needham

FL Sister id tagI’d describe it as a spa day.

My Pensacola quilt guild recently hosted a trunkshow from Cindy Needham and every piece she displayed was like the moment in a hand massage when a warm towel is wrapped around tired fingers. (Which i definitely would have if I quilted multitudes of tiny stitches like Cindy Needham does!)

Cindy Needham demo sm

Fortunately, Cindy allows quilters to get close up to her work – as long as you leave your coffee cup and chocolate donut behind. She is friendly and fun, and I don’t even need to try to express what a fabulous quilter she is – that has already been firmly established. But, just in case you aren’t convinced, here’s a peek at what she shared that day.

redwork smShe showed us red work that was preserved and reinforced, yet not overshadowed by the quilting.

gloves smallShe incorporated all things lace – gloves and

collar 2sm

collars and collar smand collars with extra lace added.

She preserves the integrity of the old linens yet emphasizes their beauty by adding …

stitches and beads 5sm intricate stitching …

stitches and beads smand beadwork.  Then sometimes, she adds ..

stitches and beads 4smbeadwork and stitching.

stitches and beads 3smSee what I mean?

And I need to mention that sometimes she adds …

stitches and beads 2smtiny, tiny stitching and beautiful beadwork.

Although, at other times, she adds …

lace ribbon and beads smribbon and beadwork and tiny stitches.

light and dark

Or even buttons.


Then she pointed out that she’ll put a poem or a wise thought in the middle of a hankie.

hankie sm

She gave us the great idea of using old pillowcase edge for a rod pocket,

pillowcase rod pocket

or old lace for a rod pocket and a doily for a label.

pocket and label

Like this.

hanging pocket and doily label sm Or like this.

She uses a variety of colors and fabric behind her old linens.

peach undercolorLittle contrast, like this peach.

gold background color 2 smMedium contrast.

placemat turned monogram sm

And greater contrast.

Don’t you love the addition of the monogram and the embellishments to this small place mat?

quilting to connect pieces And the quilting makes it work!

See how the quilting is used to connect the smaller piece to the tan background fabric?

The trunk show was intimidating at one level, but more than that — it was inspiring!

whole cloth sm

There were big pieces like the whole cloth quilt.

hankie and lace smAnd there were small pieces: a hankie and doily combination.

beads and stitches smCouldn’t pick a “favorite” to save my life!

stitches and beads sm

But at least I know where to start …

lace stash sm

And you can visit Cindy Needham’s blog HERE.

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