Papoose Cuddle Quilt

We think it’s perfectly fine to brag, or cheer or even dance in the fountain.  And we are doing just that right now because of our new Papoose Cuddle quilt.

papoose1 for FB

You can have a pattern of your very own from our web store – just click right here.


2 thoughts on “Papoose Cuddle Quilt

  1. Kris Ross

    I bought this pattern, among many others last Sat at the Blairsville, Ga mts quilt guild show….I didnt really pay attention to it till someone pointed it out…since my husband has Cherokee Indian in his heritage I may surprise him with it for Fathers Day next year…..

    • Kris,
      Thanks for the “encouraging words”. All patterns can be seen on our etsy store tab. The “free” projects are listed under the Brag Book tab. Enjoy and post some pics of your finished projects. Thanks Cindy

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