and the winner is…

From the Colorado sister

The sparklers have sparkled and the parades have passed but the stitching sisters from Haxtun, CO and the Brush, CO  Calico Quilters are still waving their flags (yard flags, that is) in celebration of the swap they all participated in.  Uncle Sam pre-publication patterns were handed out to the volunteers from both guilds.   They made their blocks with a common fabric used for Uncle Sam’s vestthe same as seen in the Let Freedom Ring collection.

Let Freedom Ring yard flag and tablecloth and BBQ mitt, bowl covers, pot holder, etc.

THEN…each guild traded half of their blocks for the same number from the other guild.

The Haxtun, CO guild decided they would each make an additional block.  All of their blocks were donated to the club to put into one large quilt for a donation to charity.  (Pictures are sure to follow.)

The Calico Quilters put all their blocks and extra fabric into a pile and then drew the name of one exchange paraticipant as the lucky winner.  Jean U. was seeing red (and white and blue).  Congrats to Jean!

Thanks to all those who participated, shared their fabric, & learned how to make a “Y” seam.  Check out our Tips and Tricks page for helpful hints with that part of the pattern.  We learned a lot about guild swaps, pattern making, and matching reds. 🙂

Of those who left comments about the swap on this web site, we drew a winner and Joan Devorak won a real live, published pattern of the Uncle Sam Tablecloth. Click here to order yours, too.

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