Brag Book

We can’t help it. Some things just need to be bragged about.

We can’t help but share the fun we are having as we design and quilt together, even though we live sooooo far apart. And we need to keep track of the delightful things that come our way. So, this brag book is a necessity!

open pages

Our plan is to fill these pages with all kinds of things that we want to remember:

new products we are proud of or new shops we discover,

or new friends we make – people that are unforgettable,

or booth set ups we love,

or connections that boggle our minds,

AND the charity causes we support – to highlight their work!!!

We will probably add a zany idea or two.

old album

And truth be told, most of these things fit in the  “ain’t brag – just fact” category.

We hope that you will turn a page or two and see if you find something to smile about.

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