All about the PLAN!


L=listen & learn

A=arrange and agree

N=now go get it done!

PLAN=Sister 1 came for a visit this spring and we both love our planning sessions.  My DH leaves the room during these sessions because he can barely listen to one conversation at a time, let alone more than one!  But my daughter, Megan, hung around a bit and watched us struggle with sketching on paper and photographing a layout to remember and trying to the digital ideas to synch.

Seriously? This is a plan?

LISTEN AND LEARN=Behind a smile she told us of a cool tool that combines all our efforts and introduced us to the Rocketbook.  (No this is not an affiliate link).  So cool.  I know it’s been around a while but so have we.  It “erases” in the microwave (some erase with water) and you write in it with a Frixon pen (yes, the same that we mark our quilts with) and you can take a photo on your phone and it sends it to the “shared cloud” of your choice!   All that is AMAZING–if it works or the operator knows how to make it work.  We may go back to graph paper and snail mail.

Round Robin plan

AGREE AND ARRANGE=We spent a long time playing with lace and buttons.  That’s the part we agree on.  We both love lace and buttons.  The arranging can be VERY different.

It all starts with buttons

As different as two sisters. 🙂  We made the popular 10-minute runner (see pinterest) with linen and burlap as a backdrop for some favorite lace pieces.

Vintage trim

Balance the buttons

Can there be too much lace?

Of course we each made one and played with the arrangements.

NOW GO GET IT DONE! We did!  It’s all part of the plan.

Burlap and beauty


Version #2 – not to much variety

Tip:  Easily stored without wrinkles on a roll rather than folded.

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