Time Flips: May Calendar


Ready for some May flowers?

Have I mentioned how excited I am by my little calendar hanger? AND it flips!


You start with this …

How about a trellis, too? And a little vine …

The French knots really bring the vine to life!

And add a flower pot — with some flowers!


Dietz suggested that the Y became a flower pot. My creativity was blanked out for a minute and he came to the rescue.


The flowers combine a few straight stitches in between the daisy stitches and a French knot in the middle.

When you get this far, all you need is a backing brought around to the front to make a border.

When all your gardening efforts are finished, you will have this:

Here’s what you need for your May FLIP calendar:

Wool background: 8″ x 6″ cream, scraps of brown, rust, green

Embroidery thread: brown, green, rust, pink, lavender

Embroidery stitches: blanket, daisy, stem, French knots, running


Pattern is available here for FREE for a limited time. The entire collection will be available soon in one pattern on our Etsy store

Better get to stitching, we are almost finished with April! May is around the corner!


PS – Happy May birthday, Sister!

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