Fall in the Country (and out of the Country) – Part 2

Just as my sister shared a couple of weeks ago, I also love the colors, textures, sights and even smells of fall.

And this fall I was introduced to some new colors, textures, sights and smells of fall as I traveled to El Salvador with KidZ at Heart International.


The team I was with trained teachers and teacher trainers,

Anticipating the last of eight training modules.


Answering questions after a forum for education students


Sharing results and encouraging one another.

visited the fishing pier,

The bounty from the sea!


enjoyed new friends and their delicious beverages,

The mighty coconut and my new friend!

met with university officials to discuss future partnerships,

Finding common goals and sharing resources!

indulged in delicious, unique food,

Delicious – and the hospitality was incredible!


Papusas are truly addictive!

found beautiful artistry at the national market,

The bright colors and wonderful woven cottons make this a happy place!

laughed at the local humor,

You couldn’t help but laugh out loud!

and were inspired by the creativity we found in unusual places.

She earns extra money making beautiful flowers from plastic bags.

Because I traveled home through South Florida, I had time with some of my grandchildren when we celebrated an El Salvador day – complete with wooden toys,

Big brother became an expert with the top.

art projects,

Painting El Salvador style

making horchata (the national drink) and papusas.

Papusas can be from corn flour or rice flour and are filled with delicious wonders.

And then I had some special stitching time with someone who needed a pillow for her dolls. What could be better for that project that some brightly colored wool?


So many ideas and so little time!


And the best travel companion of all!

Whether you are in the country or out of the country, we hope that you celebrate Fall in memorable, stitch-able ways.

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