Show Stoppers!

CO Sister id tag FL Sister id tag                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                A rare opportunity indeed! Both sisters are in the same place at the same time and stitching on the same project!  All this fun (work) leads to a brand new pattern — just in time for the Colorado Quilt Show.   (Guess which sister had to fly in? ) So here it is for your viewing pleasure, the next project in the Linens and Old Lace Collection…..(drum roll) Legacy of Lace! It is a show stopper!

Just in case you want the whole back story,  or not, I’ll give it to you.  We thought it would be fun to do a round robin quilt together that incorporated our love of old linens and lace.  The post office was kept busy with our shipping back and forth until the end result of Sister 1’s quilt was transported to Colorado via airplane.  No, she didn’t put it in her checked bag.  She carried it as her “personal item”.   It arrived safely in Colorado just in time for the show!  Now that’s special delivery.


That blank space is where it will hang.


A blended booth space with the Colorado antique shop.


Mother’s Medallion Quilt & all 12 projects

Sister 1 has a presentation on the Mother’s Medallion e-book and extra projects on day one.  Sister 2 has a talk on the old linens using the new quilt (and taking full credit for it) on the second day of the show.

We see old friends and get new ideas at the quilt shows we do.  We would love to see you there as well.  Stay tuned as Sister 2’s round robin quilt will be ready before the next show.  Spoiler alert–sneak peek is below.


Legacy of Lace


Legacy of Linen

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