Sun, Summer, & Sewing

CO Sister id tagSummer fun really is winding down but you just can’t tell it at our house. When school starts things are supposed to go back to a “schedule” right?  Guess we missed the memo because when sister called to say she was sending her round robin quilt to the quilter I was taken aback that a month had passed (August) and I wasn’t sure what I had done with it.


I checked the photos on my phone and discovered where I had spent my time.  Yes, here is my list of summer vacation photos.  (Insert patience smile from you)

  1.  We all know the benefits of a good neighbor with a bountiful garden.  Yes, please, I’ll gladly take your abundance of produce: corn, beans, lettuce, cucumbers, zucchini, peppers, tomatoes, and the “Oh, I’ve died and gone to heaven!” Palisade, Colorado peaches.  Some things actually made it to the freezer.

Palisade Peaches – makes your mouth water.

2.  There were more than a few tea parties in the gazebo.  Grandpa has taught all the grands the importance of a good coffee break.


Tea master, Perrin.

3.  I was fortunate to spend a couple days getting to know the newest grandson, Henry, and we had sooooo much fun that I had to come home and take more than one nap.


Lillian & Henry

4.  If you haven’t ever seen a “living history” presentation it is great fun.  We went to the mountains for a day and meandered through a wonderful cemetery while the spirits told us their true stories.  The picnic afterward was a perfect way to spend a summer afternoon.


A loving memorial

(This young woman’s story included murder and mayhem!)


Sisters through history

So literally on the 31st of August I sat down to do my assigned portion of one of the Sister’s At Heart projects, my own round robin.  But I may have been in a bit of a hurry because when I tried to explain to sister that I had met the deadline with a “new & creative” arrangement, she just flat said I did it wrong!


You’re doing it wrong!

She may have been right; so I technically may not have met the deadline but it is now on correctly and I’m working on the final (?) round.  This sneak peak will let you in on what is happening later this fall.  Turn the calendar page and get back to some hand work, fall is just around the corner.


Now you’ve got it right!

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