Topsy-Turvy Patterns: double the fun

The same yet different – that’s the way we roll.

sister sign

And that is definitely the approach we took when we tackled this Bloomin’ Wool, Bloomin’ Fall runner project.

We started with a basic runner layout featuring a large square in the middle and two side rectangles. One sister put a vintage block in the middle square and a wool pot filled with bloomin’ flowers on each side.

blooming runner

The other sister divided an antique block for the two side panels and filled the center square with the blooms of fall – wool acorns and autumn leaves.

Bloomin Fall Wool Runner

Our goal is to give you options – lots of options – for using the vintage linens and lace that you find at estate sales, uncover in boxes at the top of your attic or rescue from unwitting purging friends and relatives.

final bloomin wool sm

Any block can be used in the center of the runner

So, to give you a double dose of options we have packed these two patterns together.

Blooming Fall runner for printing

Most blocks can be made in two sections for the side panels

Think of it like you would the old topsy-turvy dolls. If you hold them one way you will have this …

topsy 1 sm

Little prairie Miss

Or if you turn them over you will have this …

topsy 2 sm

and her friend…

The same, yet different. And double the fun!


The patterns for the Bloomin’ Wool runner and the Bloomin’ Fall runner include the instructions for making both the vintage blocks as well as the template drawings for cutting all of the wool pieces.

Blooming Wool pkg front

We are not sure of the name for the vintage block we rescued from an estate sale box for the Bloomin’ Fall runner – we are calling it Falling Star. But, any block that divides up the middle will work just great in those side panels.

fall stars 2 sm


And the center block for the Bloomin’ Wool runner, made up of half square triangles and flying geese units, is quick to make. Or you can substitute in whatever you find in your own stash of vintage blocks.

center block

Here are some close-ups of both the projects:

autumn acorn sm

Flannel will also work well for parts of the acorn.


bloomin flower sm

This is the perfect project for using the smallest of wool pieces.


bloomin flower 2 sm

The final touch is the embroidery stitching to accent the wool.


And, if you would rather, you can get them in the PDF version. You will find them HERE in our Etsy store.

Blooming Fall Wool PDF front


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