Birthdays and Babies

CO Sister id tagFrom my perspective, birthdays come too fast and too often.  I’m not even talking about mine.  I have earned every one of those and I’m just looking for an excuse to celebrate.  I’m talking about the birthdays of the next generation or even their kids’ generation.  I barely get to see or hold the “baby” before they are off to school.  A few more birthdays and they’ll be driving!  Slow down!  Which happens to be the title of a song with my new philosophy.

Just a couple calendar pages ago I flew to sunny California to be with the grands as their mama went off for an overnight “hotel” stay.  They came home with this wonderful bundle.  Eden Orion is the “star” of the day!


Eden at birth

Now a blink of an eye later, she is ready to celebrate her first birthday.  Sweet mama asked for a birthday quilt that the guests could sign each year; one that Eden could love and grow with each year.  We all know who gets to pick colors and pattern (mama) so we went with the 1930s  reproduction fabric and began to work on the hanky quilt.


Selection is the tough part



Origami folded dresses

The complete tutorial will be given next week, but wanted you to share in the delight of working on a special gift for a special girl right away. Her cousin thought he was just as wonderful and he had already received his special quilt a few months before.


Eden & Perrin (Cousins)

So we folded and pressed and stitched and now we are ready for cake and party time.  Happy birthday, Beautiful. Eden is now the proud owner of a quilt selected by her mom and stitched by her grandmother.  Wish I had one, too.

hankie quilt sm

Hanky quilt with Friendship Star



Eden-1 year



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2 thoughts on “Birthdays and Babies

  1. Paula Loges

    Beautiful granddaughter! Beautiful quilt!

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