Purged and Prepped – Story of a Stash

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We have all seen it.  The sign that promises total organization for your crafting area / sewing studio.


Great ideas

I’m all for it.  I have tried several methods, several times.  I just can’t seem to get past the purge your stash steps.  How small is too small?  How big is big enough?  Which pieces do I pile and which pieces do I fold?   Do you put your pieces aside that “might” work for a project? And heavens-to-Betsy, “only keep what you’re working on right now” was the worst idea ever!  Has no one ever heard of a fabric “stash”?  The very word suggests a controlled type of hoarding.  I can’t give up the stash!


No, it won’t fall. It is crammed in too tight.

I would consider myself an organized person.  Not really over the top OCD, but I do like to know where something is once it is put away.  My spices are alphabetized in the cupboard, my shoes are separated by season and style, and the medicines are in color coordinated containers.  But the fabric….well, there is no real way to describe it.


Not mine, but she is creative!

I have a pinterest board for helpful ideas for storing fabric.  I have a friend willing to give most of it a good home.  I have little boards to fold the remainder onto.  But no success story here.  I’m still waiting for the perfect solution.  Creativity can be VERY messy.

My daughter folded hers onto neatly hidden hanging files.  If I did that it would look like an old fashioned file room at the IRS office.  Not that many file drawers let in America.


File folded fabric.

I saw a cute color coordinated system that fit on one shelf.   LOL



The only one I thought might work suggested you empty everything out and only put back what you love.  I actually opened the cupboard doors to start that and realized I would never be able to get out of the room until it was put back.  That would take days!


No creativity here.

I tried the “take one out when you put one in” method.  But when I put in a 2 yard piece of fabric, I was only taking out a fat quarter.  It didn’t seem to make much difference.  Go figure.

So I start to justify the importance, nay, the necessity of having a fully stocked stash.  Where else would I come up with setting fabric for the 3 odd blocks I got at the guild rummage sale?  Only in my stash.


Who knew?

Or where else would I get just 2 tiny squares of batiks in order to finish the baby quilt for grandchild number ten?!  Only in my stash.


It could be the signature block.

I have come to grips with the fact that my sewing area will always look like I’m in the midst of moving in (or out). And as long as I can find the latest project pieces it will pass the organized test.  (There have been times when it couldn’t!) I’ve come to love the security of having a stash to choose from and it feels like a warm, comfy blanket…er, quilt.

Sister wants to know your best organization tips in an effort to help halt the hoarding.



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2 thoughts on “Purged and Prepped – Story of a Stash

  1. Paula Loges

    I love this post! I do know one professional quilter who only buys fabric for one project at a time, but she’s definitely a rarity. Every January I resolve to only buy fabrics needed to add to my stash if I have a definite project I’m working on and need something specific for that project. This is the first year I’m pretty much sticking to that resolution. Of course, the 1,000 yards, 84 fat quarters (I don’t like fat qarters), 25 kits I already have in my stash all make that resolve easier. The next best thing is that I try t stay out of fabric shops! One day last week I went to Joann’s, which is 30 miles away, and I only bought a spool of thread! Who knew it was possible to leave Joanns after spending $1.85?

    Paula Loges

    • With only one spool of thread?!?! If it were anyone but you telling me that, I would “doubt the validity of that statement” (as our mom used to say). But, since it’s you, I can only say, “I honor you and your self discipline! That’s way above my reach!”

      Please take note that while I applaud the Colorado sister for her willingness to approach the subject of purging and organizing, I will admit that I am not a good influence on her at all!

      Thanks for stopping by to chat! Becky

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