Candles, Cake & Catch Up


CO Sister id tagIt all started about a month ago, and no one should party for that long!  I somehow manage to have an anniversary, a birthday and Mother’s Day within a few short days of each other.  This year is a big one for the birthday part so we decided to celebrate for a looooong time.   It all started with a drive to the snow-capped mountains for coffee with hubby and dinner out.


Coffee in the snow of Estes

A few days later, Sister arrived to visit our dad.  (That’s what we tell him.)  He’s our 93 year old Marine of our own. So proud of him and his years as a pastor of rural churches.  He shared Mother’s Day lunch with us and the family as mom has been gone a while.  That day we shared a birthday cake for my granddaughter. You could say I lost my New Year’s resolution this week!


Once a Marine, always a Marine

From there Sister and I went shopping.  Don’t know why “they” feel like we need a chaperon/driver now.  Was the birthday really THAT big of a deal?!  But even after all these years, I learned something from my big sister.  How to fold your tank tops for the drawer so you can still see them.  You really can teach an old dog a new trick.


Tri-fold hot dog way; quarter-fold hamburger way

Then the gifts and cards started arriving.  If you knew how far out we lived, you would never expect to see a floral delivery truck out here.  But there they were waiting for me when we got home.  Thank you, dear daughter.


Twelve different kinds of blooms!

Sister unloaded her suitcase and found these wonderful pillows for the guestroom. Gifts galore!  The quilt is my guestbook and she signs it each time she comes.


The REAL 30’s fabrics

Once we got our beauty rest, it was off to high tea with all the girls.  Some drove and some flew in but we got a few short hours together.  So blessed to be with these fine young women and call them family. Thanks, girls.


Can you pick out the sisters?

My dear mother-in-law and a family friend from childhood also joined our table and we were a merry party dining on cucumber sandwiches and scones! (I go straight for the Devon-shire crème and lemon curd.)


Life-long friends in both

We hurried home so sister and I could do a little bit of sewing on the next project we had hatched.  Since we are working on the Linens and Old Lace patterns we set ourselves a challenge of our own.


Sister’s center; open spots for more lace

Start with a vintage linen (of course) and then pass it to sister for the next round.  Add a border and send back to owner for the next round.  Somehow, we switched our usual color pallets and have finished the first exchange.


Which one? Both?


Background chosen

I’m auditioning some blocks & fabrics for the next round. We have decided to leave our options open and there are only suggestions of what to use but not when to use it.  Some borders will be pieced, some applique, some dimensional and of course, some with old lace.  So as you follow our progress, see if you can tell who has used which border and what is to come.


Fabric options


Next row?

So after all the cake and candles, it is now time to catch up:  bills, housework, laundry, sleep and deadlines.  Thanks everyone for the celebrating and for the memories made in my life quilt.


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