Pincushions: We’ve Come a Long Way, Baby

A series of Sister Challenges is driving the FL Sister id tagdesign process for our Linens and Old Lace Collection. The next item on this year’s Sisters Challenge list for that collection is a pin cushion – a category which left us with lots of options. Your first mental image of a pin cushion may be something like this:


tomAto? tomato?

But we have come a loooooong way from that point, baby and it only takes a couple of minutes on Pinterest to find out how far.


LOVE the soft wool! And the old spools!



Don’t you love these happy fabrics?



Up-cycling an old silver sugar bowl!


See what I mean?

My personal collection includes the magnetic disc and a vintage beaded heart and these two from my sister and my sister-in-law (especially reserved for needles.)


Chickens creep into every room in my house.



SLAW Susan can keep those tiny stitches in order in ways I never could!

And when we look at pin cushions from the vintage past we see that creativity and variety has long been present in this category of stitching.


Did your grandma have one of these?


I have to say that makes my feet hurt.


See what I mean? We’ve come a very, very long way.

So to narrow the options a bit for the challenge and make sure our designs had a few things in common, we set some parameters for ourselves:

  • common element: old lace which we choose together
  • required: include wool
  • size: make one big version that can be used for a pin cushion and a small one for a sachet
  • any shape, color, genre
  • old embroidery linens and fabric are optional

That left us with lots of room to make our versions different, too.

  • What shape?
  • How big?
  • Stuffing: with steel wool or wool roving to keep the pins and needles sharp?
  • What about something to weight the pin cushions with: sand or crushed walnut shells or Epsom salt?
  • And how would we put fragrance in the sachet versions: essential oils into the Epsom salt or fresh lavender or maybe perfumed cotton batting?
essential oils

Just a few drops goes a long, long way. Add it to the pin cushion and the sachet.

We’ve had lots of fun in the process and now we are ready to unveil our different yet the same creations.

Can you look at the parts and guess which sister designed which pieces?


The “crazy” sister made this one.


vintage fabric, wool, rickrack, old lace, a vintage buckle and embroidery

(Patterns will follow soon.)

Cover shots for Option #1 & #2:cover-web cover-2-web

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