Old Hankies and Rocking Babies

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OK so it isn’t Tuesday, but we were too busy celebrating birthdays and recovering so here it is a few days later. ūüôā

I know that tutorials are supposed to be crisp and factual and all business. The other sister reminds me that “Quilts are supposed to be warm and fuzzy. Instructions? Not so much.”

But this idea for old hankies can’t be written that way. It would just be —¬†wrong. So I’ll tell you that this comes with a Warm, Fuzzy Alert!

She entered our quilt show booth with slow purposeful steps. When she saw our basket of hankies I could tell by her face and the soft touch she gave them that they had evoked some very sweet memories. Then because her voice was soft we all came closer to hear the story she offered to us.

One of the best parts of my childhood was that my grandmother would take me to church with her. I loved having her all to myself as I leaned up against her.  Because I was little, it was hard for me to sit still for very long so she taught me how to use one of her hankies to make two rocking babies in a cradle. 

hankie 1

She handed each of us a hankie so we could echo the steps she showed us.

hankie 2

Fold the points in almost to meet in the middle. Roll each end toward the middle.

hankie 3

Roll each end tightly or the “babies” will fall out.

hankie 4

Hold on to the “babies’ heads” while you separate the remaining corner of the hankie and pull the bottom layer up under the babies.

hankie 5

If you have made the first fold carefully you will end up with the pretty corner of the hankie showing.

I’m afraid it’s a lost art so I’m passing it on to you so that it won’t be forgotten.

I’m telling you, it was about more than hankies. She shared her nurturing grandmother with us in the middle of the hustle and bustle of a quilt show.

And it was a sight to see a group of grown women leave the booth with folded hankies, holding the two points trying to make them rock without dropping our “babies!”

What are you doing with your old hankies?

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