Quilt Show: a Mixed Bag

FL Sister id tag

“Quilt Show”

I’m confessing that hearing those wonderful, exhausting words brings a smile and a grimace at the same time. No way around it – it’s a mixed bag.


We do have to face boxes and check lists and printing deadlines [insert loud groaning] and this


“staging” props and quilted projects


in order to get to friendly faces, inspiring projects and [insert deep sigh of satisfaction] this.


Just Ducky and Mother’s Medallion



Seasons and Wedding Wishes

There is indeed the painful mix of tired feet and concrete floors. BUT there is also …..


Heroic help from Dietz – There is something about a guy who will get on his knees to help me!!!

In every mixed bag there are hidden happy benefits if we are watching for them.  The Pensacola Quilters Guild Show this past weekend has one benefit that other shows do not offer: the Florida Sister gets to soak in her own tub and sleep in her own bed every night. And an additional benefit is that as I see the beautiful creations I know the quilters behind them.

For instance – every month at guild meetings I get to enjoy the friendship of spunky, bubbly little Lenny Cable who exhibited 5 quilts at the show and took home 5 ribbons.


Happy hospitable Lenni with her Log Cabin


And there is wonderfully creative Cena who has literally quilted her way from Alaska to Florida. She creates original designs like this circular piece.

cena quilt

Do you see the cats in this circle of friends?


mice quilting

It only makes sense that where there are cats there will be mice!


And because this is the show where Sisters introduced our new Linens and Old Lace collection my eyes spotted the hankies, dresser scarves and lace that adorned the quilters that walked by.

mom and daughter

Mother and daughter in their Old Linen vests.


mom and daughter back

Beautiful stitching is found on the back too.

tatting and yoyos

See the folded yo-yos, tatting and embroidery?


Old buttons add just the right touch


The French knots are beautifully done!

vest back

Combining denim and lace produced this amazing piece.

Our little treasure trove of hankies even prompted a tutorial on making a special little gift when a new friend stopped by to sort through them. But, I think we will wait to post that next week.


In the meantime, I’m suggesting that most of life is a mixed bag and we will find treasures and joy if we learn to sort through it to hang on to the parts that bring us joy.

bloomin wool pot

The Bloomin Wool Runner and the Display Scarf patterns will be in our store very soon.



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