Dan the Man!

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I don’t normally “gush” in social media about my husband, but I want you to meet Dan and it just MIGHT sound like I’m being a little mushy. He entered my life approximately 40 years ago and we will celebrate our 39th wedding anniversary this week.  So I think I’m entitled to a few warm & fuzzy remembrances. ann

He’s lovingly referred to in many of my posts as DH (dear husband).  Some of the references are true. Sometimes it should be in bold.  Sometimes in italics. But I always refer to him in love.

So heeeeeere’s Dan….


  • Dan is a rancher by occupation.
  • He is a passionate truth-teller by nature.
  • He is a gifted wood worker by experience.
  • He is multi-talented fixer-upper.
  • He is a (very) hard worker.
  • He is an analytical thinker.

Dan will not be reading this post because he really isn’t into the internet unless he is ordering tractor parts or listening to big band radio, so I can brag on him a lot.   To him history is more than a hobby, it seems to run through his veins. He loves militaria and  knows more names & dates than the average professor. The past is part of what makes him who he is as his father, George Jacob, and grandfather, Scott, were also ranchers and very special men.  dan-1web


But all of those things are not why I feel “warm & fuzzy” about him.  I remember him as a humorous young man who made a young lady, who took herself way too serious, laugh a lot.  Memories of a patient father with 4 young kids are at the forefront. Days of concern for a sick loved one (or animal) were far too familiar for him. Dan’s passion for his God makes him passionate for the well being of others.  I am truly blessed to be his wife.

He is still humorous, but slightly older, even more caring & patient grandfather of nine and a half, with a passionate concern for his family and others.  As we celebrate 39 life-filled years this week, just know I’m proud to say, “Dan MY man!”dan-2web

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