Spring Is Here! (Almost)

About this time of year I get a little anxious for some warmer weather.  The snow is brown or gone.  The trees are bare and it won’t change for a couple more weeks/months.


Spring/Winter storm

So I decided to go on a hunt for spring right within my own home.  I didn’t “stage” anything for a photo shoot but just needed some in-the-moment reminders that spring is in the eye of the beholder.  One of the first things I saw as I looked across the room was a plant that Dan and I have had since our wedding (in spite of my black thumb).  I never met a shade of green I didn’t like, especially growing green.


Green AND Growing

Nearby was an arrangement of flowers (silk) that my daughter had done when we re-decorated together one weekend.  She now lives far away and I’m grateful for the “fragrance” and beauty she left behind.


Gone but not forgotten

Last week I had put out the tea set when I put away the Valentine’s decor and just now realized that the tea cozy is such a floral print.  Sister and I share a tea cozies that match.  Wish she was here for a cup of tea right now.


Tea Time (again)

I walked into the bedroom where I saw another colorful, floral treasure from our early marriage days (it was actually part of Dan’s hope chest). The pitcher and bowl set have been in every house we have lived in and it holds many treasured memories, as well as our loose change.


Flowers from our past

Right above the little walnut washstand hangs a picture of roses.  Antique dealers call them yard-longs – guess why.  I think the designer of those frames may have been married to a quilter as “yard-long frames” are an approximate translation/measurement.


yard-long of roses

On the dresser was an embroidered piece of linen with flowers and birds.  It was done by my 84 year old quilting friend many years ago.  She was clear on her instructions about “hiding the knots and quilt in a straight line”.  She also had one of the most prolific flower gardens I know of.


First birds of spring

Across the room is one of my all time favorite prints that hang in our home.  Painted by the turn of the century artist Paul de Longpre, known for his exquisite flower paintings.   You’ve probably noticed a theme in the art work I’ve shown.


Notice the bumble bee?

I found spring is around me all winter long if I chose to find it, as is true of most of the blessings in life.  So I think I’ll forget the gathering clouds outside–


Northern Clouds

–and go sew on a baby gift with BRIGHT fabrics and good music.


Bold and Bright

Hope your spring arrives for real in the very near future.  Happy Hunting.


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One thought on “Spring Is Here! (Almost)

  1. Paula Loges

    Love your optimism! We are experiencing spring here in eastern North Carolina. It’s been in the 70s, which is unusual for early March. Many flowers and trees beginning to bloom, too. I’m in the process of switching out our decorations/quilts to spring and putting away all the snowmen. The snowmen didn’t do their job this year – not a pretty white flake all winter, but we did have some sleet and ice. My switching from season to season takes a couple of days as I clean as I go. Hubby is happy this major change only happens three times a year – spring, fall and Christmas.

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