A Centerpiece for all Seasons

A centerpiece for all seasons — that’s where we have been headed as we have added to our Seasons at My Window collection!

1st mat2 3x4

We love celebrating as each season passes.


We are partial to applique.


We love quick projects.  Sometimes all the fabric therapy we need is a little project. Not a whole quilt. Not a major wall hanging. Not a complicated, multi-block challenge.  

Given those Sisters Facts, the Seasons at my Window Post Card collection is no surprise. We love finding new ways to use the seasonal appliques which originated in the wall hangings and pillow wraps of our Seasons at my Window collection.


We have been pursuing our goal to have a different centerpiece, and tea cozy, and towel for each of the seasons. And the appliques for each of the months can be used interchangeably on any of these pieces. It will be the ultimate mix and match project assortment.

This month we want to point you to the Spring Centerpiece part of that collection.

overview sm

Filled with tulips and a pile of green grass patches, the circular design leaves you lots of room for a variety of quilting stitches.

patches sm

We couldn’t resist adding a little sunshine via yellow rick rack.

tulips closeup sm

These happy tulips have been sized so that they can also be placed on our spring towel or the spring tea cozy as well as in this center piece. We are bundling these three little Post Card patterns because you can transfer the three spring designs (March sailboat, April umbrella, May tulips) from one project to the other. You can find the entire spring set of post cards HERE – including the umbrella on a tea cozy.

Spring hand towels

We are finding that the designs are adaptable to different genres of fabric, too. As the seasons pass, you will find some samples in bright fabrics, some with appliqued wool, and  – come summer – the deep colors found in Civil War reproduction fabric. We hope you have fun mixing and matching these quick and easy Post Card Projects!


P.S. We’d love to see your versions. Just send a photo to us at SistersAtHeartMilesApart@gmail.com.

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