First Things First

CO Sister id tagOk, Sister, I hear ya.  Candle is lit, linens are washed, and I’m ready to sew.  Oh, STOP!  The bookkeeper just called and YOUR relative (Uncle Sam) wants his papers filed.  So first things first.

Accounting clipart







Now, I’m ready:

  •  I’ve gathered some vintage accessories as well
  • Added ric-rac to the supply list
  • Got my half of the linen
  • Found a new (old) fabric line to use

Yes, that’s vintage ric-rac

Oh, STOP!  First things first.  What am I making? Oh, right, that IS the challenge.  Each sister is designing a runner from her own perspective that will include 1/2 of the same linen.  No restrictions on how you use it. Limits are only that it is to be the “size of a runner”.  I’ve got an idea on the back of an old envelope.  (Yes, I know I have an app for that.)

Now, I’m ready:

Oh, STOP!!! I had the new/old fabric mailed to the WRONG address. Seriously, I must get this idea off the ground! It is sketched out and ready to sew.  I will add a photo of the top next week.  Really, I will.  But first things, first.  I have to make it before I can photograph it.


Finally arrived and FINISHED!

While I wait for the fabric to be re-sent to me, I thought I would mention a couple of things you mustn’t cut!

  • Sister blocks that you got for your birthday from said family
  • Crocheted Lace from your grandmother (it will unravel), but I did put it on display. Those are her buttons at the waistband, too.


  • Your finger!  But you don’t want a picture of that and you have probably guessed how I know that.

So we want to know what you do with your vintage linens as well. Sisters At Heart has a whole pin board just for hankies! Wait til you see those projects this year!


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