Burn the Candles & Stitch those Linens!

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My oldest daughter, Amanda, lives out a wise old adage very well: Burn the candles!

(Don’t save them – enjoy them!)



And both sisters agree that having precious things that are just stored away in closets and chests and tubs doesn’t make much sense – especially as it relates to old linens. It’s sad to think about how much time was spent to make those treasures only to have them folded away unused. Think of the scope of needlework done by stitching sisters of the past …








collars and cuffs








Maybe we are pursuing this philosophy so intentionally because both of us have gone through major redecorating (i.e. upheaval) in our homes this past year (Curiously enough they were both due to water breaks!) and in the process of moving and replacing belongings we’ve encountered those linen treasure stashes. Whatever the reasons, as we get ready to stitch we are having so much fun plotting and planning and sorting and envisioning and – drum roll – even cutting in order to use old linens and lace.


Make a New Year’s bucket list for your old linens!

If this adventure sounds like something that would help you bring some treasures out of hiding, you can get started right now:

Step 1 – Find your old linens and lace and put them in one spot.

Step 2 – Wash them – gently, please – and give attention to spot removal

Step 3 – sort them by size and type: crochet, vintage quilt blocks, or …


cross stich

embroidery and cross stitch


cut work

cut work


tatted embroidery


Step 4 – Set aside some coordinating fabrics

Step 5 – Order a Sisters at Heart, Miles Apart pattern from our new collection, Linens and Old Lace, and make something you will use that puts spotlight on those precious old linens.


Wait a minute, sister, we don’t have any patterns on our site yet.


As I was saying, don’t fret because there are not yet any patterns on our etsy store for Step 5. By the time you check off the first four steps, we will have something there for you. I promise!

We are ready to roll with this! Here’s a sneak peak at our first Linens and Old Lace Sister Challenge:


Take a vintage dresser scarf, cut it in half …

But, that’s all I’ll say until the other sister posts more details in a few days.

Get ready to burn those candles! (or stitch those linens!)

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