Christmas Party at the Guild

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  You already know we love the holidays from the amount of Christmas projects we love to do. holly

So it’s not surprising that we are Christmas Party planning across the miles.  We are sharing ideas for food and games and wanted to share a few with you, too – recipes in later posts.


Games from the ghost of Christmas past:

Some kinds of old-fashioned fun never wear out.

Pin the Fur on Santa

Not sure if this needs much explanation but we can add a couple of twists to bring it into the stitching world. Put a figure of Santa on the wall. Pass out cotton balls with double stick tape on the back. Use the blind fold/turn in a circle routine. The people who actually stitch the fur where it belongs get prizes and if anyone gets the fur on the end of Santa’s hat – well, they get the golden needle award.

Who am I?

Write the names of quilt blocks on 3×5 cards and pin one on the back of each quilter at your party. Everyone asks Yes or no questions to discover the name of the block. Or you can substitute in the name of a sewing notion or tool if you prefer.

Musical Chairs Gift Exchange:

With everyone seated in a circle, tuck your gift wrapped item under the chair.  Stand and move in a circle singing a favorite carol.  At the end of the song, sit and unwrap the gift under your chair.


Games from the ghost of Christmas present:

The annual gift exchange definitely comes from Christmas past but there are ways to bring it into the present, too – keep it novel and current.

Change up the items to be exchanged. This year one guild is exchanging 4″ coasters.  And another is exchanging fat quarters.  Another ideas for exchanging gifts:  your favorite notion, pin cushions, aprons, pint jars of buttons.

And the methods used to exchange can be new and different. We share just a couple more.

Plastic Wrap Ball: ball

Each guest brings a favorite notion. As they arrive, wrap the notions – one at a time – in a continuous length of plastic wrap (packing shrink wrap works great) so that you make a huge ball of gifts. You might want to start the ball with an extra special gift (like a jingle bell elf) in the middle. Also, you may want to add candy or a few strips from a jelly roll to keep the ball growing and add some extra interest.

When it’s time to play the game give the plastic wrap ball (and maybe a pair of winter gloves) to one person and give one dice to the person on their left. The person with the gloves begins to unwrap the ball and the person with the dice rolls until they roll a designated number. Any gifts that have been unwrapped belong to the person who unwrapped them. Then the gloves and the ball are passed to the right to the next person, with the dice being passed to the person who just relinquished the ball. And the unwrapping continues until the middle present is revealed. You might want to establish that anyone with more than 2 gifts or strips or candy should share with anyone who didn’t unwrap a gift – it is Christmas, after all.


My favorite thing:

As guests arrive they write on a name tag their favorite thing about Christmas. They wear that name tag. The same word or phased is written on a gift tag and held until all of the wrapped exchange gifts are collected. Then the tags are randomly placed on the gifts and to be claimed as each guess shares their favorite thing about Christmas. If you want to avoid duplicates, have the greeters keep a list at the welcome table.)



Games from the ghost of Christmas future:

One of the best ways to celebrate Christmas is found in the “games of significance” we play which will carry the spirit of Christmas throughout the year. So, we encourage guilds and clubs to play “Pay it Forward.”

Donate your quilt, your fabric or your financial aide to a charitable groups like: Quilts of Valor, homeless shelters, safe houses for domestic abuse victims or group homes for adults with disabilities

Stitch and distribute pillowcases through foster care organizations or veterans’ hospitals or rehab facilities

Make and distribute placemats and lap robes through your area Council on Aging


We hope your Christmas celebrations are times where laughter is abundant, friendship is multiplied, and the First Gift of Christmas is remembered.

PS – We’d love for you to send us your best party ideas!

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