Boot Bag – a perfect cowboy Christmas

The need for a boot bag pattern is probably beyond obvious since our Happy Trails cowboy and cowgirl are our most popular patterns. And, after all, the most identifying characteristic of a cowboy – besides his hat – would be his boots. So, just in time for your Christmas stitching marathon, here is our Happy Trails boot bag!


Made from faux leather fabric

Boots: every cowboy needs them and every cowboy has them. Some are prized because of they are well broken in and soooo comfortable and familiar.

old cowboy boots

Ah, yes, these boots are old familiar friends!

Others are prized because they are shiny new and ready for special occasions.


Now these are not your every day boots!

Some are so special that they may stay brand new in the boot bag for several months before an occasion is special enough to allow them to see the light of day.


Such a pair of special boots may well have been the inspiration for the boot bag. After all these boots came home to Sister’s Colorado ranch only after they were discovered in a Cozumel market (“Hey, cowboy, come over here and I’ll show you the real deal in boots!”), sailed a few days in the Caribbean and flew across the middle of the US. Such a pair of boots deserves the special protection of their own bag.


Where’s the hat, boys?


The pattern features full sized boot bag pattern and pictures of the process. (Colored pictures if you order the PDF downloadable pattern.) Easier to stitch than you might think, the bag has a divider/liner and two zippers and our Really Big Hat cowboy. (The applique pieces are numbered so you will be sure to get them on in the right order.)

Happy Trails PDF Cowboy Boot Bag cover

Now the most obvious thing is that we need a bag for this fellow’s lady friend. So, stand by… we will be back with that very soon.

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