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Life is change and life is the same.  One always makes me thankful for the other.  Too much change and I need a little sameness.  Too much sameness and I need a little change.  This is true in many areas:

  • Food:  Comfort food vs new recipe for those foods
  • Wardrobe: Same clothes vs new parings of those clothes
  • Home:  Same stuff vs new arrangement of stuff
  • Quilts: Same block vs new setting of those blocks
  • Guilds:….well….
stuff for son's appartment sm

Colorado Sew & Tell

class and Sandy sm

A sewing sister













I look forward to our guild meeting each month but it seems the sameness has made me complacent about my involvement AND my enjoyment.  The idea of change for 2016 was brought up last month and I’ve been reflecting on it for the last few weeks.  It will be the same people (hopefully with some new ones joining) doing the same activities (sewing, learning, sharing) but with new methods.  Some of us will like it more than others but the intent is to breathe new life and enjoyment into something that has become a little stale.  It might (WILL) have hiccups along the way but I look for the renewed source of inspiration.

photo2 croppedsm

Florida Sew and Tell

stitchin sisters sm

Trading Stitching Tips











So now what?  The first thing I did was call my sister and ask about her guild.  Actually, she belongs to two and they are different within themselves.  We talked about the purpose of a guild, pros and cons of that, involvement levels for each type of guild, what we liked or would miss if it were different.  It all boiled down to “SISTERHOOD”.  Of course we would see it that way, because we love the sameness of our own sisterhood, but also love the encouraging changes in our sisterhood.

3 siblings a

Sunsuit Sisters


brunch 3

Silly Sisters












Sisters will share the sameness of blood relatives all their lives but the bond will produce changes as well.  In our case, it has made us closer than we were at 12 & 13 (thankfully!).  This is true for sisters in many areas as well:

  • Clothes: sharing the same sweater & shoes vs sizes & color/style choices that change
  • Food: Two straws for the same soda vs “I like coffee & she loved tea”
  • Quilts:  Finishing the same Holly Jolly quilt vs Trading blocks for Starry Night
sewing circle

Sewing Circle

This made me look at our guild as a “sisterhood” of quilters.  We all want to share ideas, learn from each other, talk about how to use our fabric stash, make a charity quilt or two and just enjoy the sister next to us.  All this discussion made us wonder: What do you like about your guild?  What do you wish you could change?

The changes of doing those things by one method or another may come & go, but the sameness found in the sisterhood of quilt guilds will endure.  Long live the GUILD!

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