Embellishment Challenge: a guild idea

FL Sister id tag One of my favorite days of the month is Red Hen Sewing Bee day when I get to spend time with a couple of dozen talented stitching sisters. Lead by Vernell and Diane, two dedicated “chicks” who keep us organized and inspired as we do finish our UFQs, work on community projects, and stretch ourselves through quilt challenges.

The most recent challenge started when we exchanged white paper bags filled with embellishments. You know: buttons, small pieces of lace, short sections of rick-rack, jewels, a few inches of cord, pins, yo-yos, dimensional applique pieces …. We were to use at least five of the enclosed embellishments on a small quilt no larger than 24″ and no smaller than 12″. Other than those simple parameters, we were set free to create and design. The results were as diverse as the stitchers themselves!

kimonos sm

kimonos and silver fan pins

nest sm

old lace for the bird’s nest

garden sm

buttons and trims and yo-yo flowers

yoyo chicken sm

yo-yo chicken wings with yo-yo and lace flowers along with star shaped buttons

embellishments sm

star shaped buttons are used for Christmas this time

The unidentified quilts were hung on a design board. Everyone voted for their 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th choice. Every 1st vote earned, say, 20 points; every 2nd vote earned, say, 15 points and so on. The person with the most points was awarded the first place ribbon and then came the second most votes —- Trust me, Vernell’s ribbons are treasures in their own right.

birds sm

the little mouse’s tail is some cord, and the bird’s tail is cut from lace

flower vase sm

the fluffiest flowers come from raveled lace

Becky sm

paint on burlap squares and ceramic radish button – what variety of embellishments


sw sm

the Southwest is celebrated with beads and buttons

During the “Ribbon Ceremony” each quilter shared the challenges she faced or what inspired her choices.

sewing basket s

Feathers and buttons and lace combined with a mini sewing kit from the dollar store to make this a deserving 1st Place Prize winner!

Challenges are a great way to stretch your quilting education and explore new territory — and, who knows, you might even find something you really LOVE to do!

We’d love to hear about challenges your group has taken on together.

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