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What is it that you anticipate?

  • Morning coffee
  • Your own bed at night
  • Cool water on  hot day
  • Christmas
  • Warm house after being out in the cold (to do chores – not outdoor quilting)
  • Announcing a new pattern line (Ducky)
  • OR….(wait for it….) A NEW BABY!!!


Presenting "Eden Orion" 6 1/2 lbs., 18 1/2 inches

Presenting “Eden Orion” 6 1/2 lbs., 18 1/2 inches

Yes, this Colorado sister has been anticipating a new grand-daughter for 9 months!  She is finally here and so I flew off with hand sewing in the bag for a visit. I didn’t do much hand sewing but I have done some babysitting for the siblings (tough / sweet job) laundry for the family (forgot how much 6 people produce) and meals for the freezer (if you live in the city, you get groceries delivered!) but most importantly, I’ve been able to fulfill the baby-longing of holding this new little one! Well worth the long wait.

Anticipation fulfilled.

Anticipation fulfilled.


With some expectations, fulfillment brings a bit of a downer feeling but NOT so with a baby.  Every anticipated sight, sound and smell are brought to fruition.  What touches your heart like a newborn cry?  What smells as fresh as a clean baby?  Can you imagine something more precious than their smile while they sleep?  A few others have been anticipating her arrival as well.


Big Brother






Little / Big Brother


After a week, Big Sister finally asked if we could please start dressing her in some of the new outfits. I think she is anticipating sharing clothes as most sisters do.  Little /Big Brother says, “I think she wants me.” (meaning he wants to hold her) Big Brother is hopeful that she will get big enough to recognize the Transformers he has been showing her (no response yet).



I think my sister is anticipating, really just patiently waiting for me to get back to work on Holly J …Oh, I can’t tell you about that yet.  It is the hand sewing I brought along with me but you’ll just have to anticipate it. Coming soon a new pattern!

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