Fiber Arts Exhibit: Something for every taste

FL Sister id tagHigh on the list of “Most Ridiculous Remarks Ever Uttered” was the one from a woman of questionable taste (I realize that I’m not very objective here) who told me, “I can’t imagine ever owning a quilt myself. My home is not really the style for quilts.”

I am seldom speechless but I truly didn’t know where to begin at that point.

Quilts cover a wider range of styles and tastes than ever before. The “something for every style” point was elegantly made in the artwork displayed at the Community Quilt and Fiber Arts Exhibit in Blue Ridge, Georgia where we traveled recently.

sign sm


The exhibit included small modern pieces …

comtemp series

and a collection of embellished portrait pieces …

diana sm


across the spectrum to large traditional pieces like this Baltimore album styled applique …


and this beautiful cathedral window …

cathedral window sm

The art museum is housed in the old court-house where the high ceilings and old wood provide a beautiful backdrop for quilts like this amazing appliqued quilt …

courtroom center


and this meticulously pieced hexagon quilt.

hexagon sm


I also saw some wonderful examples of what machine embroidery can produce in this Christmas piece …

Christmas whole


Christmas parts


christmas house

Is 9,6

There was no voting for the Viewers Choice Award but, not surprisingly I did have an opinion on that category …

red and white wholel

r&W close up 2

r&W close up 1


r&W close up 3


Now, tell me, what kind of house would be a house where a quilt doesn’t fit?

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