Tools to make stitches bloom

FL Sister id tagI’ll never be a master gardener. I have faced that reality and I’m really okay with that. Proof of that is easy to find.

For instance, there is the one out of three survival rate in my lavender planting attempts.


Is that the surviving one or the dead one?

And the fact that I lovingly wrapped a ‘ grapevine’ around our creek side swing only to be told it was in fact a noxious briar vine.


It really would look better with a vine wrapped around it.

Not to be forgotten is the result of my attempt to root a rose bush by sticking it in a potato.

potato roses

(I followed the Pinkest directions very, very carefully)


Technically, something I planted DID grow!

The rose stalk died and the potato flourished.

I truly think I’m on the National Horticultural Watch List.

So, you can see that as far as gardening goes, it’s a matter of wisdom to keep my tools and my expectations on the same level-simple and few.

dresden sm


In the quilting studio I have a different approach. I want my tools to exceed my current level of activity and expertise. I need tools that pull me to the next level. I crave tools that expand my abilities.

Applecore_Template_Simple_W600 I value tools that inspire me to try new techniques and explore new avenues of creativity. Nothing raises the fun meter like discovering a tool that makes me look better than I really am!

Hexagon_Set-no fussy cut cropped


You’ll find some of our favorite tools on the Tools tab.





And we’d love to hear from you when you find a tool that excites you, too. Especially those that bring more success than my roses attempt.

PS – You can be sure I’d welcome any tips you want to leave about gardening in North Florida especially tips about plants that are “neglect tolerant” or have been successfully grown by small children.

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