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My mind is racing with what to write about that explains a  little of the life journey of this past week.  So I decided to put it all into one blog post!  If you asked my sister, she would tell you it is NOT uncommon for me to tackle too much at one time.  So we just won’t tell her what I’m writing about all this until it is already posted. (Let’s see where that gets me…)


This past week the Colorado family gathered to celebrate a life together.  Dan and I raised our four children on the same ranch that he grew up on.  What an incredible life!  The past holds memories of family tent camping in the Colorado mountains because that is what I grew up doing.  So combine the two (Dan & I) and we are camping as a family but on the home ranch.  Yes, we drove all of four miles (!) to set up the camp site for our summer vacation.  Makes for a good car ride because no one asks, “Are we there yet?”


We are definitely a group of DYI’ers so every family gathering has a project.  When sister comes to visit it involves pattern design & sewing.  But none of our in-laws are into that yet, so the “planners” of our family picked a swing/fire pit project.  Some of the “free-thinkers” of our family were considering…Midsummer_bonfire_web T-swing-webbut we quickly put them on the Pinterest path.


But with only a couple of days together to do a

scavenger hunt,


some water fun,


making s’mores,


playing yard Yatzee,dice-web

going on a treasure hunt,treasure-web

and yes, a family photo shoot, we barely found time to work on the project of choice.  It became very clear early on that the pit/swing project would take back burner to the people plans.  We loved spending time together with stories


Discovering the choose your own adventure genre. It was truly an adventure.

and laughter


Family Auction with “funny money” won during all the games!


making memories in the “pretend” world


Cousins on their way to the store

eating too much of the incredible food


Each family took one night’s meal time.

and helping Grandpa


Grandpa giving “instructions” for sparklers.

We did actually start on the fire pit/swing by removing a dead limb from the space we needed. But the work crew got distracted by the bucket truck.


So here’s the final report:

Bug repellent – F! there were a “few”

Wading in the creek – A+  even if it wasn’t totally clean

Treasure Hunt -A   everyone wins a prize

Swing/fire pit – I   incomplete; a reason to return next year

Family Photo Shoot – Priceless!  Actual pictures will follow in another blog

Don’t let your summer go by without making a few memories of your own (whether or not you’re camping).  And if the projects (sewing or otherwise) don’t get completed, just remember to love the people/family you’re with! What summer memories are you making?


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