Fabric Hoarding: Scraps

CO Sister id tagHello, my name is Cindy and I’m a scrap-aholic.

It is totally true and I’m confessing it to the world.  I have a “need” to find, fix, and finish other people’s scraps.  Not my own so much, I just collect those.  But I find a certain sense of accomplishment in using what someone else was giving away, throwing away or selling “too cheap.”

I see value in the rejected.

I’m in love with the term: up-cycling.

That all sounds very lofty, but the truth is:


I’m a fabric scrap hoarder and I’m not taking steps to correct it any time soon.

In fact, I went to a porch sale of someone (I knew she would have fabrics) simply because another friend in Oklahoma sent me a text mentioning scraps!  I kept having to tell other shoppers that I was really buying for three people (I didn’t mention that it was me, myself and I).  When I unloaded the bags and boxes, my DH was hoping that it was groceries.


I did feel a little guilty because Florida sister had asked me to use some of her spending money to purchase a few fun things for her.  So I sorted them out (We continue to live by our childhood rule:  one cuts and the other chooses.) but she couldn’t chose for herself, so I sent her a “small” box just to say she wasn’t forgotten and then I played for the rest of the day.

There are hoarding rules, you know.

All scraps must be sorted!  by color, of course.  My sister would probably say by size first.  The only size restriction is the container I’m trying to stuff them into.  I keep adding furniture to my room to contain organize them.


I have the odds & ends sizes, the smaller than fat quarter sizes, the strips (multiple sizes), the fat quarters I’ve created size, the less than a yard size and on and on it goes.

On the plus side, I did get rid of anything less than 4” square last summer.  Then they came out with “quilter’s candy” (2 inch squares) and now I’m back to saving it all!


Yes, that is a half-pint jar with scraps inside! Isn’t it just too cute with the yo-yo in the lid?

Contrary to the belief of my spouse, I do actually finish and use most many of these rescued fabrics. Case in point would be the “use it all up” couch throw I made using “scraps” from one of our favorite fabric designers, SWEETWATER.

Somewhere in the process of “using it all up” it to make the couch throw, the creativity looked like this:


Then I pressed a few more, cut some off, sewed back together, pressed again and it began to look like this:


By the way, you can save fabric by careful placement of odd sizes of scraps, preventing you from having still more scraps.

Just so you know, there is such a thing as “scraps too small to save.”


“Too small to save” is all that’s left this time.

This is the couch throw from Feed Company, Sweetwater, yet to be quilted.


Last year I did a throw for the gazebo …


and I keep one on the chair of my studio …



and I even pulled some “fake embroidered” pieces out of the trash and made into a floor throw for the grand-kids.




He is sorting Scrabble tiles onto the animals that begin with that letter. Genius!

So if I can only live long enough to use up other people’s scraps I will be a happy (and very old) quilter.

I was going to ask, “What is your darkest hording secret?” But I think that might be too much information.  So I’ll just ask, what was your latest completed scrap project?

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