FREEDOM: love it, celebrate it

FL Sister id tag

We love many of the same things:

frosty iced coffee,


flag with jude sm

This is only one of the cute things this little patriot does!


fireworks sm

“Aunt Pat” comes through again!

fireworks sm

I guess these are Before and After shots.

and Frog Eye Salad.

Also parades,

tractor sm

Americana at its best!


pancake breakfasts on the library lawn, and

pancake breakfast sm

This annual date with dad is priceless!

patriotic decorations.

– which explains why we both LOVE the Fourth of July.


One little note about the patriotic decorations: because we have stitched together for so long our homes contain many of the same holiday decorations.

In Florida you will see this …

yoyo flag sm



In Colorado you will see this …



In Florida you will see this…

flag runner sm

In Colorado you will see this…




The 4th is a holiday filled with things we love AND it’s the holiday we, as an extended family, most often celebrate together. But, our love of this holiday goes deeper than the homemade ice cream and time with our favorite people at the Ranch.

We love freedom.

Freedom allows us to have so many other things we love.

And we love freedom because we know that our freedom came at a very costly price. We learned this young. We grew up knowing the Pledge of Allegiance, how to sing the Marines Hymn and knowing that places like Iwo Jima had a special influence on making our dad into the man he is: Semper Fi. Always faithful.

semper fi

Though years have passed since our dad gave his years of military service, our homes hold special reminders

lamp and tags sm

dog tag and battle ribbon


picture sm

This photo appeared in the New York Times – Dad is second man on the right.


of his sacrifice and selfless bravery – and of other young Americans who risked everything because they, too, loved freedom.

So again this year as we …

set on sidewalks for parades and

sign our names on the autograph tablecloth and

make our deviled eggs and

shoot off all kinds of noisy entertainment, and

play horse shoes or Corn Hole …

corn hole2sm

Studies have shown that leaning can assure that the little bag goes right into the little hole!

corn hole

The trash talk can be as much fun as the game itself!

we will be remembering the heroes who made it possible for us to enjoy all those things we love so much.

We will be remembering that we LOVE freedom! And we will be celebrating what we love!

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