Road Home

CO Sister id tagWARNING: Extreme introspection ahead!

The very title of this post brings such peace. I fully admit I’m a homebody! Even when I can’t BE home I long to know I’m on the road that leads home.  Due to some exception rainfall this spring the road to my home on the sandy plains of Colorado has looked like this in a few spots.


Rain has blocked the road home and led to some interesting county road detours.  It started me thinking about the country song, “God Bless the Broken Road”  by Rascal Flats. (Yes, I kinda like country music.) Some broken roads take us to new and better places. Have you had a “detour” from where you thought you were headed today?

Fargo, ND, March 26,2009  A sign indicates that a road is closed due to  flooding by the Red River.The Red River is expected to crest on Saturday at over 41 feet. Photo by Patsy Lynch/FEMA

“Why” is always my first question!  Doesn’t change the facts, but I have to ask. Why is my way blocked? I should be saying WHAT? What am I to learn from this? What is my best response to this? What can I do to make it better for the one behind me?

I have seen several of these signs as well:1-road-closed-to-thru-traffic-street-sign-andee-photography-web

So, of course, I excuse myself by saying, I’m not “thru traffic”, I’m local.  I can go right ahead.  I belong on this road so I’m excused from the rules.  A few times I have excused myself from the quilting rules as well.  “X” amount of fabric is needed but I only have this much so I’m sure the rules won’t matter.  Ha!  (Please pay attention to the fabric amounts on our patterns.)

Thankfully, there are those that come along side with the road is rough or bumpy (or gone).  Like our road grader (big yellow machine that fixes roads) who is working 24/7 to make some patches and repairs.  We seldom think of those that help make our lives easier until it is really at a point that we depend on them.  Who has come along side you lately to smooth the rough spots?


Isn’t it a wonder what a little TLC can do for the roads as well as those bumps in life!  Who needs your TLC?  This is a before and after shot of the same road but the workers had done their job and made it passable again.  Is there someone you need to thank for making life passable again? (Thanks, Sister)


I did warn you that there was a lot of reflection here today, so as I looked at our Road Home Bed Scarf I was amazed again at the number of variations and contrasts that it takes to make a “road home”.  There is a little laughter, a few tears, and many unmarked detours. fabric-web

But the beauty is enhanced by those very things.  The light vs dark; the angles, the points and curves, all make it a one-of-a-kind beauty.MM-Road-Home-Bed-Scarf-web

Our extended family has said a final good bye to several members this year and it always makes me pause and think of life’s journey.  So when life seems about to overwhelm you, like the rising waters on these fence posts, then look around.  There will be those that come along side and lead you home again.fence-post-web

One of my all time favorite songs says it best, Where I Belong by Building 429. The road I’m on is leading to a permanent home, but I’m not there yet. Where is your road taking you?


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