Comfort for the Body and the Soul

What does “comfort” mean to you? Tea in the garden?tea-web A soft quilt in the rocker? chair-webWarm bath with bubbles?bubbles-web Smell of baking bread?bread-web The sound of a certain someone’s voice? dan-webOne of my special comforts was my mom’s hands.  I only have the picture in my mind, but it is clear and sharp. The look was distinctive but their touch was like a security blanket.  I remember them playing the piano, washing dishes, holding her Bible, writing in her journal.

The things that add well-being to my life seem trivial to some but I like a clean kitchen counter (but don’t look at my sewing area!); a mowed lawn (though I can’t grow a living thing!); a fire in the fireplace (but I don’t chop wood); a good book (reviewed with my sister); and of course a warm quilt (like Mama’s Hands All Around).

So many of my life-luxuries involve other people.  Maybe I just cooked a meal for a special someone and cleaned up the counter.  Maybe DH has worked all day and still comes home to trim the lawn.  Maybe the quilt has a family tie.perrine-web Maybe the grand-kids are gathered around the fireplace to read a good book.  book-web book-web-2





Sister and I were recently looking for a recipe and found Mom’s handwriting on a few special cards. It was a comfort to see and know that a part of her was still involved in my life.  I will think of that each time I make this family favorite.



Shrimp Cheese Roll

4 oz. (1 small can) drained shrimp

2-8 oz. cream cheese

1/4 teaspoon garlic salt

1/2 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce

Shape into ball and roll in chopped pecans on a sheet of waxed paper. Hint:  mix all in a gallon size plastic baggie until thoroughly blended together, then dump onto nuts and shape into ball with your hand inside the baggie.

Let us know what comforts your body & soul…


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