Very Different, yet the Same

FL Sister id tagTwo weekends this last month showed us once again that the Colorado Sister and I have much in common and yet are very different at the same time.

She and her favorite rancher (ie husband) were in Pueblo, CO for a quilting show. Their booth benefits from combining our quilt patterns with wonders from their antique business. (See D&J Country Antiques)

CO signs

The next weekend I was at a quilt show in Mobile, AL (and very thankful for my favorite driver, problem solver, mover/hauler, The Dietz.) The southern booth utilizes antiques, too – the ones usually found in various corners of our house.

PS – BOTH sisters use old ironing boards!

CO old ironing board

There are some notable differences. Whereas the Colorado sister was trying to sell her antique quilts

CO quiltsand my weekend associate was using his lunch break to go to an estate sale to buy antique quilts and linens.

Mobile old quiltsMobile linens

The Colorado customers came in boots and coats while the Alabama show was opened by belles in hoops. Mobile belle

Mobie belles

And yet, some things are very much the same. Both booths have the same patterns and the same samples and the same demonstrations.

CO patterns

And when we compared notes after the weekends were over, we found that the most requested item at BOTH places was the Happy Trails Saddle Blanket and the Happy Trails Quillow.

mobile happy trails

However, the Colorado show sold more of those patterns than we did down south. The Colorado Sister thinks that the reason may have been the real cowboy hat in her booth …



I wasn’t so sure about that. After all, I had help in my booth, too.

Mobile husband sm

But, then again, she could be right.

It makes me wonder … what can we do to make our booth even more inviting? What makes a quilt show booth appealing to you?


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