“Oh, my stars!” and other famous words of my mother

CO Sister id tagI never heard my mother swear or use curse words of any kind but there was plenty of understanding in the tone of her voice and the familiar phrases.   sparkly-stars-webMy children, along with the other grand-kids, all called her Granny so the Granny Star quilt and previous post about it really  brought her to mind and some of the things I miss the most.  star-quilt-web

Her distinct voice would often say, “Oh, my stars!” for a myriad of situations.  Surprise at what was going on around her or maybe a new, slightly shocking fashion trend, or something my brother had just done!  So each time I saw a star quilt today I kept repeating it with all her different inflections. star-quilting-web

This would be for the beautiful star quilting in the corners. “Oh, my stars!”


This would be for the high-contract color choices. “Oh. My. Stars!” (She didn’t like black!)



Whirly-Gig Star

string-star-webString-pieced Star

red-star-lg-webFeathered Star

polka-dot-webWhat were you thinking, Star?!?

Pocket-Block-webPocket Block (more about that in another blog)

Lone-Star-webLone Star

1930-s-stars-web1930s Star Blocks

So I was on a roll.  The other phrases were ringing in my head as well. She would say, “Rats-ma-tats!” if she was disgusted at herself.  Or if things were really bad, there was a very emphatic, “GOOD GRIEF!”

All this reminiscing brings me back to my favorite star and why I’m writing a blog for Sisters At Heart, Miles Apart quilting patterns anyway.  Mom would say, “Good grief, Cindy, get to the point!”

7-sisters-webSeven Sisters block!

(*sigh* SOMEday!)

I really just have one sister and she is truly one of a kind! She thinks mom said, “Hurry up.” an awful lot. The other siblings remember, “Land a goshen!”  “Drats!” “Someday when our ship comes in.” What did your mom say?  Have you ever found yourself saying the same thing?  I’m not telling but the following poem is pretty accurate:

Mirror, Mirror, on the wall

I am my mother after all!

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