Granny’s Star Quilt – Setting Options/Choices

CO Sister id tagNeither of my Grandmothers had the choices or options in life that I have had, so it gives my a real sense of freedom to think they would appreciate my creating some options when I can.  I learned from the best…aunt nellie & GP & Leona  Evelyn Graham 1942 Middletown Ill

One Grandmother was a city girl whose life took her to the country.  Not many options for professional entertainment there, but she created entertainment by making a costume for my dad from paper sacks.  He then performed in a school play as an Indian.  She created fun for others from what she had on hand.toddler-indian-costume-fw131021

The other Grandmother was born and raised in humid Missouri and her life took her to a dry-well homestead on the western slope of Colorado.  Not much of an option for gardening until she moved to town where she hand carried water to the most beautiful pansies (like this apron with her name), iris, tulips (like these stained glass tulips), day lilies, daisies and roses (like the log cabin roses on this basket) around.  She created beauty in a dry, desolate place.

Single_orange_day_lily red-rose Iris_(plant) Daisies-10337 Cosmos_flower_at_lalbagh_7075

I like options!  I always wait for the “or” in hearing my choices.  Paper or plastic? Hot tea or cold? Regular or decaf? (Is there really a need to ask that one?) If there isn’t an option, I like to create one.  I think that means I don’t follow the rules very well.  But in this case of our new quilt pattern from the Mother’s Medallion Line, Granny’s Star, it was a good thing.

Granny's Star

In looking at the block by block setting of most Granny Star quilts, I thought of my Grandmothers and created a few more options. This created some beautiful arrangements and some fun along the way.setting 1 setting 2 setting 3 setting 4

Sister 1 and I have included five options for quilt settings in the Mother’s Medallion Granny Star quilt.  How many more options for quilt settings can there be?  Let us know if you come up with another.

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