The Numbers Game

CO Sister id tagThe end of the calendar year is the beginning of the numbers season (taxes not yardages!). Ugh!  I sent it all to the accountant!


This Sister loves numbers but I don’t like giving the money away to the Internal Revenue Service. Part of the success of any business is that you pay in one form or another.  So I wish the IRS would take their payments in fat quarters.  I have a few I could donate without pain (from unfinished projects).  Think how much more fabric you could buy if you told DH that you filed jointly and now owe the equivalent of one quilt to Uncle Sam! fat-quarters-web

But I am glad to say that at least all the numbers add up and we can subtract our payment so we aren’t in the “red”. The IRS usually prefers “green” instead of blue anyway. Enough punning and on to serious numbers.

I spent most of an afternoon trying to get the numbers for the angle cuts out of my head and onto the fabric.  I knew what I wanted to do SHOULD work but why didn’t it when I tried to put it into practice?  Even tried using that wonderful but frustrating program on my computer. ruler-web

EQ 7




It finally came to this… good old pencil & paper with a ruler.

I have much more experience with those than with computers.  I was re-sizing the border on a new quilt pattern to fit the adjustment I had made to the previous border.  (Do you remember the old “Plan Ahead” sign?)


Something about scalene triangles with acute intersecting lines, but needed domain with a radius that was perpendicular to the isosceles minus the quadrilateral. Ok, I sure wished I had paid more attention in geometry class.  But it did eventually bring success.  The numbers all added up to a fantastic border on the next quilt pattern.


I then promptly called Sister 1 and had to adjust the size of the font that we are using for embroidery.  Life lesson from all this:  If you change one number you probably will have to change the rest.  It’s all part of the numbers game.

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