Love Those Lists

CO Sister id tagI love a good list!  I’m sitting here this afternoon working on the grocery list.  Not so much because I’m excited about going to the grocery store but because we have to eat something and I want it to be as quick a process as possible.

list Now I can check that little chore off my list. 🙂  One of the things that Sister and I did on our “anniversary meeting” was make a list of what this year would hold for each of us.  We were trying to work our business plan, as one of our advisers called it.  We started out with all that we hoped to accomplish and The List looked something like:

list 4

We did shorten it a little (reality check) and it now includes some web work, quilt shows in Colorado and in Alabama, new patterns, SEWING and at least one more in-person meeting this year! No where on the list are things like laundry, cleaning, etc.  But we are going to start at the top and work our way down.  If we get to the bottom of the list we might consider adding those (or not).list 2

Here is a little Sister trivia:  Who makes the list with titles going in columns and who makes the list with titles going in rows?  It really doesn’t matter, but I will guarantee that if one of us does it one way, the other sister will do it the other way.  We prefer to say that it is our method of cross-checking rather than the other sister did it wrong.

One more Sister confession:  This sister actually puts things on the list after they are finished, just so I can cross them off. So now I can check blogging off the list for today and go back to sewing.

list 6

I did make a list of projects that were in process in my studio.  It looked a lot like the above picture.  So I made a different list of things that I want to learn to do, or learn to do a little better.  What’s on your bucket (sewing) list for this year?

list 5

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