Happy Anniversary and the Myth of “NORMAL”

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We’re singing “Happy Anniversary” to ourselves as we turn the calendar on January. If our four years of doing this sister stitching business together has taught us anything, it has taught us that there is no normal.

Normal is a myth.

(So, in a moment of genius, we invented our own definition of “normal.”)

A normal working day might begin with intentions to write some pattern instructions, plans to press fabric for cutting, iron smunwrapping an order of new thread or preparations to lead a workshop. Normal stitching stuff.

becky thread -sm


However, that normal day might end up being filled with baby calves needing attention,

wedding planning,

or an unexpected visit from a neighbor.

So, maybe that is the real normal instead.


A normal working week might be filled with a guild meeting,

a session to improve machine quilting skills,

and a “conversation” with the computer when it won’t upload photos to the web store.

Or, as we’ve experienced during this past year,

a “normal” week might be filled by time with a hospitalized grandchild,

or an airplane flight to help a convalescing sister following her trip to the hospital for double knee replacement (Colorado Sister),

or connecting with a realtor to have a buying-a-house-following-a-100-year-rain-storm-which-included-a-retention-pond-breaking-and-filling-your-house-with-flooding-muddy-water-so-you-have-to-salvage-your-belongings-(and studio contents)-and-move-twice-in-a-year conversation.

flood2 smflood1 smmoving truck sm(Florida Sister takes a deep breath.)


Sometimes it’s hard to recognize normal as life unfolds us.



And then we could talk about a normal business meeting for two sisters working together while they live 1,200 miles apart. (Here’s where we think our genius really kicked in.)

Usually normal involves SKYPE and our shared notebook on One Note. But not always. Our most recent invention for a “normal” business meeting looked like this …

Cindy and Becky by Epic cropped

JBDC Epic cruise 2015 sm

with a little of this … (See, we do have our laptops with us and plugged in!)

Epic cruise business meeting sm

and some of this … (Main dining room – the salmon, avocado tartar was FABULOUS!)

Epic cruise 2015 sm

and even this …

dessert2 smdessert1smdessert3 sm

(The sister in question will remain nameless. But here is her picture.)

Cindy dessets cropped


Now, much as we’d LOVE for normal to always be like this new version, most likely we’ll just need to start using a pencil when we write our normal To Do list during this 4th year. That way the plan will be easier to adjust when the REAL normal shows up.


SO, Happy Anniversary to us and we’ll keep stitching together as we find out what normal will be this year.


PS – Best Wishes to you as you stitch in the middle of your very own normal.

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