Mother’s Medallion e-book is ready for you!

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We are still reveling in the fun of one of our favorite weeks of the whole year!

Every fall, the last weekend of September means our annual “Company Business Meeting”  (a flight from Florida for so we can work and play together during Quilt A Fair at the Boulder County Fairgrounds.) Key to that is celebrating the patterns that have grown from concept to reality in the past year.

This year we are celebrating the unveiling of our first book: Mother’s Medallion Quilt!

Mother's Medallion Quilt instructions 9 sm

An e-book with instructions, templates and diagrams, we put it in the PDF downloadable pattern format so that we can give you live links to YouTube “how-to” videos and connections to other helpful sites. You can purchase it HERE.

Mother’s Medallion is filled with a variety of techniques and blocks that span a wide range of difficulty.

Cindy's quilt for cover sm

Stained Glass

tulip stamp sm

Paper Piecing

pansh stamp sm

Log Cabin

rose stamp sm

English Paper Piecing

basket stamp sm

Dimensional Flowers

folded flower2 stamp sm

Crazy Quilting and Ribbon Embroidery

bouquet stamp sm

The Mother’s Medallion collection also includes simpler projects drawn from each of the different rows of the quilt. You can find them on our store site HERE.

Now we promise: as soon as we are finished reveling we will be back at work on the new To Do list to get ready for next fall’s “Company Business Meeting”.


PS – We will be making a special effort to connect with shop owners and guild program committees regarding wholesale pricing so that Mother’s Medallion can be used as a teaching quilt.


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